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  1. Silent-Hunter

    Modem no longer working

    So I'm not sure when this started, but my modem no longer works. When I boot the Pyra up, and do lsusb, it shows up, and ls /dev shows the ttyACM1 through 4 devices, but mmcli -L says there are no modems, and after a while the ttyACMs disappear, and lsusb shows one less entry. This is different...
  2. Silent-Hunter

    Video playback on Pyra

    I've just been using mplayer directly. It's my favorite! Is there a way to change the thread count on that? I've been using the X11 decoder. The XV decoder made everything have a blue tint, and also stopped working entirely once I fixed the XFT font issue. OpenGL with gl4es is monochrome, and...
  3. Silent-Hunter

    Audio devices

    I thought a general thread to talk about audio on Pyra might be good. I tried a C-Media USB soundcard. It works fine but only as an ALSA device, pulsemixer doesn't show it at all. Is there anything to be said for switching to Pipewire? It seems to support being a drop in replacement for...
  4. Silent-Hunter

    Pulseaudio bluetooth HSP

    HSP mode seems to be broken in Pulseaudio on the Pyra. I can't get any input or output. If I try to record using parecord, it creates a 44 byte .wav file no matter how long I record for. If I try to play sound with mplayer, it says the audio device is stuck. Which mode does Pulseaudio start in...
  5. Silent-Hunter

    Upgrading modem firmware

    I just wanted to make a thread about upgrading the modem firmware, so if anyone finds any information about that it can be in one place. It looks like it might be difficult to get the Pyra's modem to support VoLTE, which could make it not usable on US networks next year.
  6. Silent-Hunter

    Pyra specific tools

    If possible, please try to keep Pyra specific stuff desktop environment agnostic. I really like using i3 and I don't want to have a less functional Pyra because of that.
  7. Silent-Hunter

    USB Video Class on Pyra?

    When I plug in a webcam, no /dev/videoX devices show up. Is UVC support missing from the Pyra OS kernel?
  8. Silent-Hunter

    Is anyone using i3 on their Pyra?

    If so, is your dmenu invisible? On mine, the font is invisible. Same with emacs, and urxvt if I tell it to use xft fonts. Also it says no battery in the i3bar, any way to fix that?
  9. Silent-Hunter

    Element IM

    Is there any chance the desktop app for this will work on Pyra? I think it would be nice to have, but I'm have trouble finding out if it will support 32-bit ARM.
  10. Silent-Hunter


    Will the Pyra support WPA3? My boyfriend's Windows 10 installation warned him that WPA2 is being phased out.
  11. Silent-Hunter

    Emoji font

    I highly recommend having an Emoji font included in PyraOS. Something like this: Maybe with something like this to select Emoji as well:
  12. Silent-Hunter

    ARM 32bit virtualization support

    If this is being removed from the Linux kernel, is there some way for us to keep it in? I want to use it.
  13. Silent-Hunter

    App suggestion: Foliate

    This ebook reader is great! If no one else ports it, I will try to once I have my Pyra.
  14. Silent-Hunter

    Is the PyraOS going to have systemd-homed?

    I don't really like the sound of this. Does the PyraOS have to use this?
  15. Silent-Hunter

    Pyra Fax Modem?

    Can the cellular modem in the Pyra be used as a fax modem? There's a restaurant that takes orders by fax, it'd be nice to be able to do that.
  16. Silent-Hunter

    Does anyone think this would be a good software for Pyra? It's pretty neat, IMO. Currently I use Nativefier to make "desktop programs" out of web apps, but with this they could all be in one place.
  17. Silent-Hunter

    Help with using sox as a voice changer?

    I already posted a question on Super User about this, but I was wondering if maybe someone here knows. I'm attempting to make a realtime voice changer to make me sound like a turian (from Mass Effect). What I'd like to do, is take input from the mic, split it into two channels, lower the pitch...
  18. Silent-Hunter

    Pyra News section bold despite no new posts

    This is frustrating because I usually only look at it if there's new posts.
  19. Silent-Hunter

    Why is eSATA adapter active?

    I can't seem to find information on how the Pyra's eSATA adapter works. Why does it need to be an active adapter if the eSATA lanes are already on the extra USB 3 pins?
  20. Silent-Hunter

    Radio transmission from Pyra

    Could something like this be adapted to the pyra? Maybe with one of those FTDI cables in bit bang mode?