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  1. MonkeyChops

    Release Worship Vector

    damn, that was to easy, beat it my first try. It was a lot of fun though. Maybe I'll try to beat it with all my lives left. Are the last 4 or 5 guys even killable? :blink: I hit them with everything I had and nothing seems to stop them.
  2. MonkeyChops

    Release Worship Vector

    so does this game end after 100 rounds or am I missing something?
  3. MonkeyChops

    Should We Move Rot To The Official Pandora Boards?

    OK, the vote is in. I guess we'll just remain here and try to advertise more for this next season and then maybe do something different for season 3 if we feel it is needed at that time. I like foxblock's offer, we should take him up on it for sure. Any thoughts on who to talk to about...
  4. MonkeyChops

    Should We Move Rot To The Official Pandora Boards?

    The idea is that we would have more exposure and a better chance at having forum based rewards for ROT champions. I've not approached ED about it yet but forum supporter icons are in the works there already. Please share you thoughts on this. Whether or not we move, I _will_ get this toury...
  5. MonkeyChops

    Season 2- Changes? Suggestions?

    recently got my pandora back and I'm thinking about starting up the league again. I don't think I call pull it off myself, any of the 'keeps still around? Anyone still interested in this? I'm seriously thinking that moving this league to the official pandora boards might be best. Partially...
  6. MonkeyChops

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    I just got my Pandora back a little bit ago, just started messing with this new release. It's awesome! Thanks Notaz! Front mission 3 was slow and now runs near perfect. I was even able to run an english patched front mission 2. Great stuff! :D
  7. MonkeyChops

    Caanoo For Sale

    wow, you gave it away! sorry I missed this one.
  8. MonkeyChops

    Caanoo Won't Turn On - Repair In Us?

    Your not the only one. They are the old gp2xstore and I ordered a caanoo case from them through ebay and they never shipped it and will not reply to any of my numerous emails. This is who owns gp2xstore, not sure if they changed hands though: Jr2swiss Emails I know of:
  9. MonkeyChops


    title says it all. I can't get it to load at all. I tried from the games menu and by going directly to the gpe file. Always the same, black screen with a static hiss sound. I just tried upgrading the firmware which did not help. I even re-downloaded drpocketsnes and put it in a new directory to...
  10. MonkeyChops

    Cases And Screen Protectors?

    I ended up getting a blue and pink case from wal-mart on close-out. Its not perfect but it has room for the charge cord and for extra sd cards. Here's a link: Also I've been trying to...
  11. MonkeyChops

    Great Price For Caanoo

    The 2 I just got from play-asia (@115/ea :angry: ) both had 4gig cards included with them. I was not expecting that at all. The boxes were sealed and the cards were inside. Looks like they come standard.
  12. MonkeyChops

    4 Year Old Tough?

    I went ahead and bought a couple caanoos, and my daughter loves it. Little mermaid on the go (even if it was on a 1" screen) equals a happy little camper. It's not just about the movies, I wanted games and music also. So far I'm pretty happy with the caanoo for her.
  13. MonkeyChops

    Cases And Screen Protectors?

    Yea I definitely want to put them in cases, just trying to figure out which case. I guess I should go ahead and get the jelly cases to start with. I imagine they would absorb some shock. I might use some rivets or something to attach the jelly cases to a play-thru case of some sort for added...
  14. MonkeyChops

    Cases And Screen Protectors?

    I just bought 2 Caanoos for my kids. I got a white one for my daughter who is 6 years old and a black/blue one for my son who is 4. I bought them from play-asia and they were out of the jelly cases and screen protectors. Do you think the cases or screen protectors are worth it? I bought caanoo...
  15. MonkeyChops

    Great Price For Caanoo Play-asia now has them for $109.29. They dropped the price 2 days after I bought 2 of them! :angry: oh well only 10 bucks. I'm just hoping they hold to a 4 and 6 year old. :D
  16. MonkeyChops

    Really Considering Buying A Dingoo A320 caanoo has choppy video? thought it did a good job at video :huh:
  17. MonkeyChops

    Really Considering Buying A Dingoo A320

    caanoo is going pretty cheap now, $107. I'm thinking it's the way to go, I understand they are pretty solid.
  18. MonkeyChops

    Really Considering Buying A Dingoo A320

    what about the a330, better build quality?
  19. MonkeyChops

    4 Year Old Tough?

    Well I don't need a dingoo for myself as I have a pandora and a ds fat with a flashcard. Like I said, I believe my boy could navigate the basic os (not dingux) with some help from me or his sister here and there. The main reason I want a dingoo over a ds or explorer is because of the ability to...
  20. MonkeyChops

    4 Year Old Tough?

    I'm looking to get a pair of handhelds for my 4 year old and my 6 year old. I'm kind of between the Dingoo and the Leapster explorers. Both are about the same price after you consider buying the rechargable battery for the explorers. In the long run the dingoo would be cheaper as I can put the...