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  1. ekianjo

    Impressions of A Pyra Prototype (Back in 2017)

    Yup, this is late to the party, but this might still be worth a read for folks who have never seen a Pyra prototype so far, and who may be inclined to hear some criticism (on the prototype, not the final version) as to what I liked and did not like as much...
  2. ekianjo

    Pandoralive Comes Back as GiantPockets

    Hi everyone, it's been a while. As promised I am back with a new version of Pandoralive (that includes all articles previously published) and since the domain name was lost it has now become I have decided to not only focus on the Pyra from now on, but also competitor devices...
  3. ekianjo

    The Firmware Changes Behind SZ 1.74

    More info coming directly from Notaz in this Pandoralive Feature about SuperZaxxon 1.74: >> Continue Reading
  4. ekianjo

    WeeChat, a Terminal-based IRC Client

    WeeChat is a well known ncurses-based IRC client for those who love CLI apps. I have noticed it was missing on the pandora so I compiled it. I find it faster than all other IRC clients we have out there, and personally I don't need any GUI to do stuff like IRC. I'd recommend you give it a go...
  5. ekianjo

    Easy Bluetooth Audio on the Pandora. Finally !

    Here's a quick tutorial as well as a demonstration in video of how to make Bluetooth audio work on Pandora with the new 1.74 firmware. >> Continue Reading
  6. ekianjo

    GNU/Linux Gamers Survey Q1 2016

    If you play on Linux (Desktop Linux, mainly) you are welcome to participate in the following survey conducted for (my other website). It should take between 10 and 20 mins ...
  7. ekianjo

    The Three Kinds of Linux Gamers

    This is my analysis of the results of the survey I conducted with Reddit communities of Linux gamers back in December 2015. Just in case you may be interested... >> Continue Reading
  8. ekianjo

    PPSSPP 1.2.1 : Pretty Damn Good Even on Open Pandora

    Here's an overview of what the latest PPSSPP version compiled by PtitSeb can do on the Open Pandora. Short Hint: "A LOT" :) I have also included many videos I took myself. > Continue Reading
  9. ekianjo

    RVGL Makes Racing Fun on the Pandora

    Here's a timely article about PtitSeb's latest release... Note this includes a video of the game running on Pandora as well. >> Continue Reading
  10. ekianjo

    DOSBox 0.74 + DBGL: The DOSBox Revolution

    As published earlier today on Pandoralive... >> Continue Reading
  11. ekianjo

    Slackware 14.1 on Pandora: Everything is Awesome!

    Here's an overview of my experiences with Slackware 14.1 on Pandora for the past few months, and my pretty good experience with it as the title suggests. I also included some of its shortcomings... but at least I hope this article convinces some of you to give it a go ! >> Continue Reading
  12. ekianjo

    2015 Was Another Fantastic year for the Pandora

    If you are not convinced, I'd suggest you have a look at some important milestones (software-wise) achieved in this year. Let me know in case you think I am missing something important :) >> Continue Reading
  13. ekianjo

    Setting Up UAE4ARM with WHDLoad on Pandora

    This is a new take on the previous tutorial that was published by BAFelton a while ago - with updated instructions and some additional steps that were missing from his original instructions (around the end). Hopefully this should make it easier for everyone who wants to get Amiga emulation with...
  14. ekianjo

    Pyra Nubs / How Durable will they be ?

    ED, Seeing that many people have had issues either right from the start or during the life of the pandora with their nubs (me included), I'd like to know if you can reassure us a little regarding the expected quality of the Pyra nubs. 1) will they be durable ? 2) any change to see the...
  15. ekianjo

    Pandoralive : Where do we go from here?

    Hi Guys,  As it looks like the Pyra is going to be released in a not so distant future, I'd like to check with you and get your advice on what do with Pandoralive. First, about the name: 1) Keep it Pandoralive even after the Pyra is out 2) Change it to a Pyra-compatible sounding name 3) Change...
  16. ekianjo

    One Week With SteamOS Brewmaster: Impressions

    I have been using the latest version of SteamOS for about a week now, and here's my impressions about what works and does not, so far. But overall, it's pretty positive:
  17. ekianjo

    Shadow of Mordor : Linux vs Windows Performance

    I compiled the results of a few benchmarks done from a couple of different configurations - since Shadow of Mordor just came out on Linux a few days ago.  Unfortunately the gap between Linux and Windows is pretty big :( They should hire Notaz or PtitSeb to do better ports :)...
  18. ekianjo

    Linux Gaming on Fire this July

    We have seen the release of KOTOR 2, Shadow of Mordor, and the beta of Terraria, Skullgirls... and there's a lot more.  If you are interested check out more details on Boiling Steam:
  19. ekianjo

    Playing The Walking Dead S2 on Linux (with Wine-staging)

    Just in case, sharing this little tutorial for those who may be interested to play the game on a Linux desktop/laptop:
  20. ekianjo

    DirectX11 support coming to Wine, and More...

    WHile the original news about DX11 is not from me, I was in touch with James Ramey from Codeweavers and we had a quick chat about a number of different topics such as: - When DX11 support will land - Porting to Linux - Costs of Porting with WINE - Steam Machines - New APIs Have a look if...