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  1. vinipsmaker

    First ever revolutionary N64 Vulkan emulator coming soon – only for libretro (paraLLEl) I hope to not be creating the thread on the wrong board again. I've looked on the whole list and I have seen no area reserved to N64 emu.
  2. vinipsmaker

    Google releases SwiftShader OpenGL ES software rendering library as open source

    Not sure it'd be useful to Pyra as we want to avoid running GPU code on CPU I guess. Maybe for proprietary software that turns out hard to port thanks to buggy driver like it seemed to happen once in a while in OpenPandora.
  3. vinipsmaker

    XDG-App Is Becoming More Feature Complete

    Maybe this could be used to install packages easily:
  4. vinipsmaker

    Hardware Will the Pyra fit in the official OpenPandora carry case?

    I have this doubt as I don't know whether I'll need to buy a new case or I can reuse my old OpenPandora case[1]. [1]
  5. vinipsmaker

    [SOLVED] What is 223F?

    Mine unglued from the Pandora while I was fixing the right shoulder button. I downloaded the schematics, but I cannot figure it out what does it do. And I didn't put the battery back, because I need to know how important 223F is (making me unable to play T_T). And most of the components are...
  6. vinipsmaker

    Revisiting How We Put Together Linux Systems

    Reminds me of the package format threads we sometimes have:
  7. vinipsmaker

    Pandora as an USB soundcard

    There is the mastercontrol app, which allows the Pandora to work as an USB controller. Pandora soundcard is amazing and I hate to use any other computer soundcard since I got addicted to the Pandora one. Pandora doesn't use PulseAudio, which makes network transparent sound a little more...
  8. vinipsmaker


    Some people released a new game built on top of a 2d physics engine, LiquidFun.
  9. vinipsmaker

    [SOLVED] Advice on fixing power button

    Hello fellows, here I am again asking for advice on how to fix a broken power button. Hopefully I'll fix it and seal the Pandora, then I won't face any problems again. Here is a picture (worth 1000 words) of the broken piece:
  10. vinipsmaker

    Drop support for SuperZaxxon in new PND format

    This is the second topic to resolve conflicting requirements and I hope to solve them all before help in the design of the new format/tools. The first issue was related to dependencies. And it seems that everyone agrees on the possibility of state .deb packages as dependencies (at least in the...
  11. vinipsmaker

    What's the name of the "Pandora - Quick Overview" song?

    So, can you tell me what's the name of the song playing in the "Pandora - Quick Overview" video? It's an old question, but I cannot find the answer.
  12. vinipsmaker

    How do I contribute to the SuperZaxxon (Pandora OS)?

    I've been trying to contribute to SuperZaxxon for approximately 3 months now (proof) and my most recent patch didn't get a single comment for days. I've been trying different communication channels and I've been failing to identify who has commit access to the official git repos. Is the project...
  13. vinipsmaker

    Confliting requirements

    As you can see from here: Some requirements conflicts and we can't have both. For example, some users (] ) want a format that can be run in both...
  14. vinipsmaker

    Godot, A New Open-Source Game Engine Being Released

    It isn't open source yet, but it'll be as soon as the release happen:
  15. vinipsmaker

    SDL2, Wayland, KDBUS (systemd), KLANG, F2FS?

    Except for SDL2 and KDBUS, all the things I cited may not be production-ready for assorted reasons. ITT: We share what we expect for the (very far) future of Pandora OS.
  16. vinipsmaker

    [SOLVED] The "fixed" screw was damaged

    After I opened my Pandora, one of the screws became damaged. I cannot use any tool to spin it anymore. Is it possible to replace it without buying another case part? If it's not possible to replace the screw, I'll try to permanently remove the screw and get the correct replacement part later. I...
  17. vinipsmaker

    [SOLVED] Shoulder button's broken

    Last night I broken my Pandora's shoulder buttons. I turned it on to check what was broken and it seems the only thing damaged are the shoulder buttons. Today morning I bought the tool needed to open the Pandora and when I opened it, this is what I saw: Only on of the buttons is broken and...
  18. vinipsmaker

    Some asorted small proposals for the next SuperZaxxon

    Default value for EDITOR env variable should be something more user-friendly like nano. If the user is advanced enough to use vi, he can change the variable later Replace xchat and use hexchat. xchat is a piece of unmaintained software. I discovered hexchat while I was trying to report a bug...
  19. vinipsmaker

    [SOLVED] Checking ac/battery status from command-line

    I want to shut down the OpenPandora after the battery is fully charged. According to PandoraWiki<>, "Once the OpenPandora has completed charging it will stop charging and begin discharging to protect the battery from damage". This is good, but I wanna...
  20. vinipsmaker

    SDL version 2.0.1 (stable)