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    Google is a Potemkin Village

    - Go to - Enter any query which you expect will have many results ("mario", "car", etc) - Google reports billions of results. - Go to last page - Results will have decreased, likely to somewhere <1000 - Add removed results - Go to last page - Results are still low, likely still <1000...
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    I got inspired to make a diet topic with poll! More selectable responses are allowed because some diets overlap (e.g. low-carb vegan). So let's see what the people of the Land of Pirii eat!
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    Pager or text viewer on eInk?

    What do you guys use as pager or text viewer? I used to use less but now I find that more is quite effective too, so I changed my PAGER environment variable to more and also changed my ~/.config/mimeapps.list to use more for text files which I want to view using my pager. I do not understand why...
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    Librem 14 laptop by Purism

    Are you going to buy a Librem 14? If so, why? If not, why not? I probably will, but I am still looking into it. If I understand correctly then it has the IME neutured and disabled which is very good. It is still in pre-order phase right now but should arrive soon. I may wait until it's shipping...
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    Prototype Cases

    I just received the transparent and blue cases that I ordered. The transparent case also had plastic circle pads included which the blue case lacked. Is that supposed to be the case? My package had apparently been crushed and was ripped open before we received it so I'm wondering if it was still...
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    RAM and power consumption?

    I was thinking about the Pyra and about when society collapses. We're getting solar panels with accu to store electricity but I need a device which I can use to play rogue on when society collapses. I was thinking that maybe a 2 RAM Pyra would be better due to it having less power consumption...
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    Why are the keys on the keyboard not in columns?

    I know that regular keyboards have staggered keys so that people can easily switch between their mechanical typewriter and computer but the Pyra's keys do not seem to be staggered in a way that would be useful for a typewriter because the keys are still each below a key that is 2 rows higher. So...
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    Does the Pyra have something similar to IME (Intel Management Engine)?

    I think that it does not have IME but I'm wondering if the Pyra has something similar to IME.
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    I have a story about cancer. The story is not finished yet but I think it's progressed far enough to share. I few months ago my old dog got cancer. The cancer was a very small dot. So I tried detoxing her on a raw food diet of mostly raw meat. After a few months of that her tumor grew from the...
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    Website was down!

    I was scared that ED would escape with my money and never be heard from again! Which makes me think: Paying someone who calls himself evil in advance might not be a good course of action. Why does ED call himself evil even though he needs people to trust him and pay him in advance? Is this...
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    Why does the Pyra not have USB-C?
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    Pyra as a phone

    I just preordered the Pyra because it is really neat but I wonder will the Pyra be difficult to use as a phone to take calls with because of the form? Would it be possible to use it as phone while it is closed? I know that the Pyra is not primarily meant to be a phone but I want to try to use it...