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  1. Orion4874

    An Interesting Idea for a Compact PC

    It's called the Mouse-Box, a full PC housed inside the body of a mouse. I'm wondering what the price point will be if they manage to bring it to market, $50-75USD maybe? I'd pick one up as long as it's under $75 otherwise it's not worth it imo. Most likely it will run Linux or possibly...
  2. Orion4874

    hdmyboy on Kickstarter

    I just came across this and unfortunately it doesn't look like their going to make it unless they seriously get the word out. Hopefully they can still get their product to market somehow.
  3. Orion4874


    I just picked one of these up through since they are selling them for $20 until Sept 31st. I haven't tried much with it yet but was wondering if anyone has any experience with this device. I remember there being a lot of hype around it when it was on Kickstarter but I didn't back it...
  4. Orion4874

    Proper usage of a Swap File?

    I have a couple general questions about creating and using swap files on the Panda. I'm using the Swap Files tool to create the swap and it is saved to the /swaptools folder. Should the file always stay there or does it have to be moved to the appdata folder of whatever program you're using it...
  5. Orion4874

    That Box of GPH Parts?

    Hi Ed, I was wondering if you'll be able to list those GPH parts that you acquired up on DragonBox? I realize you're extremely busy with the Pyra but I'm very curious as to what you have. I'm in need of a working Caanoo PCB so I'm hoping you might have one.
  6. Orion4874

    Gcw Zero Firmware Updates

    Any new firmware updates can be found here!
  7. Orion4874

    TV-Out: How are you Hookin' it up?

    I more or less just wanted a consensus of which cables and/or adapters people are using and which yield the best results. I'd assume the easiest way would be composite but how good would the quality be especially if you don't own a CRT? Oh, shot in the dark here but has anyone tried using a...
  8. Orion4874

    Getting Quake 2 to run?

    I've been trying to get Yamagi Quake2 to work with no luck. Where exactly do the data  files go for these two? I read that all Quake 2 files go in the "baseq2" folder but I tried that already. When I launch it it goes to Pickle launcher and displays the basq2, rogue, xatrix and ctf folders  but...
  9. Orion4874

    Wtb: Gp32 Chat Pad

    Hi guys, I know this is a big shot in the dark, especially since this place is a ghost town anymore, but if anyone has an extra chat pad they're willing to let go of I'm definitely interested. It's one thing I still need for my collection.
  10. Orion4874

    Any way to tighten the lid?

    Hi guys, I sent my Panda in for PTOD a little while back but while the repairs were great and Link was extremely helpful the lid on my 1ghz unit is now pretty loose. Before the RMA it would stay at any position and stay that way without any problems. Now, depending on which way I hold it, it...
  11. Orion4874

    Hey ED, when you get a minute.....

    Could you possibly add a spot on the archive for the Zero? More releases are starting to show up and the official repo isn't ready yet so a spot there would be great instead of all random links for all the new releases. Also, not as big of a deal, but if you could still add a spot for the...
  12. Orion4874

    Official Repository

    The official repo is here!     Here is the link to the original Google Drive repo which as far as I know is no longer being utilized.
  13. Orion4874

    Lugaru Unplayable

    I got this game up and running but it's severely glitched. Bad to the point that it's unplayable. From what I've read this game should run pretty decently. I also see that it hasn't been updated in a while so could that be the problem? I used the files I had from the original Humble Bundle btw.
  14. Orion4874

    Port Request: Warcraft Tower Defense

    Could a kind dev possibly port this awesome NDS homebrew? Being that there seems to not be much in the way of TD games and having played this on my DS I can honestly say it's a great game. Source: Also, there's a wealth of great DS homebrew out there with...
  15. Orion4874

    Recompile Anki?

    I was wondering if there's a dev out there that could recompile Anki for the Pandora? Drack ported this a couple years ago but it doesn't run with the latest firmwares and he doesn't seem to be around anymore. I was thinking this could help me study for some certs I have coming up. Source...
  16. Orion4874

    Less than 1 month and purple tint already?

    I was installing a couple things with pndmanager and I noticed the screen would turn purple for a second when downloading but it went back to normal quickly. Upon exiting, everything was purple now and that's how it stayed. Guess it's the LCD ribbon? I actually just got the unit after doing...
  17. Orion4874

    Removing Apps From the Desktop?

    When I first started using my Pandora I carelessly installed the programs to the menu and the desktop. I have since stopped installing most things on the  desktop but there's a few still want to only access from the menu. I've tried a couple of things to delete these things permanently but they...
  18. Orion4874

    Port Requests: Some Open Source RPGs

    If there's any devs out there that love a good RPG as much as I, I was wondering if these could be ported to the Pandora. Summoning Wars, Fall of Imiryn, S.C.O.U.R.G.E Heroes of Lesser Renown...
  19. Orion4874

    Please Welcome Our Newest Gurus!

    Hi guys, please congratulate the latest members of the elite GP32 Gurus group, iprice and Farox.                                                                       I just wanted to thank these two awsome devs for their continued support of the GPH handhelds as well as all the past work...
  20. Orion4874

    Tizen, Sailfish, Firefox OS, Ubuntu....... thoughts and/or opinions?

    With the mobile OS industry about to be saturated with new players I wanted to get the communities thoughts about it. Most of them boast Android compatibility but I have my eye on Ubuntu mobile, which is also built around Android. The vids of the OS running on a G-Nex particularly resonate with...