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  1. WizardStan

    Indie publisher explosion!

    So has anyone else noticed a few cheap game sites* are now offering publishing and monetization for indie developers as alternatives to Steam? I got notice of all three of these in the past 2 weeks. Not to deride increased competition, but did something major happen that this seems to be...
  2. WizardStan

    Exagear is dead

    In case you hadn't heard the news, after just shy of 5 years Eltechs is discontinuing Exagear, their high performance ARM emulator which has been used to demonstrate several games on the Pandora and what I'd hoped would run even better on the Pyra. If you want to buy a license you'll have to do...
  3. WizardStan

    Time for a new flavour of linux

    I've been running Arch linux for years, as long as I can remember, but I'm beyond frustrated now. I've spent the last hour trying to do an update: I can't update X because Y depends on a specific version of it. I can't update Y because it depends on a later version of X. I can't remove Y...
  4. WizardStan

    Excessive hard drive access

    So this has been bothering me for a while and I can't figure out why. Maybe someone here has a suggestion. Sometimes my computer's hard drive will just start spinning: very audible "vrchkvrchkvrchk", the red LED solid on, many minutes of activity during which my computer becomes almost...
  5. WizardStan

    Getting temporary cell service in Germany

    So I'm going to be in Germany for "training" in a couple weeks and wonder if anyone can suggest some kind of temporary cell service I can buy. We'll actually be landing in Amsterdam and spending a day there before taking a train to Bochum if that makes a difference. I've got a Nexus 5 which...
  6. WizardStan

    Psychonauts free on humble bundle Get it 'cause it's good.
  7. WizardStan

    Scrolling on the forum?

    Is anyone else suddenly unable to use their mouse wheel to scroll? Only on this forum though, every other page I've tried works fine.
  8. WizardStan

    End of an era

    After nearly 9 years of non-stop service, off only during the days between house moving, my BeagleBoard revC has blinked its last blink. I bought it as a hold-over while the Pandora's status was in flux and it's been a happy dedicated server ever since: internet file storage, IRC, remote access...
  9. WizardStan

    Troubleshooting my mobile internet, because no one can figure it out

    My phone will, periodically, lose its internet service. When this happens, voice and text services continue to work without a problem. Signal strength remains reasonable, around -70dBm. Rebooting my phone, cycling airplane mode, resetting my APN, these have all been suggested and they do not...
  10. WizardStan

    Happy Birthday Metroid

    Samus Aran turned 30 years old yesterday. To celebrate, Nintendo did absolutely nothing again, but some guy released v1.0 of his fan remake of Metroid 2 Get it while you can, before the C&D comes in and forces him to take it down.
  11. WizardStan

    OMAP3, the kernel, and me

    I'm looking for someone with kernel experience on the OMAP3, ie, the SoC in the Pandora and BeagleBoard. Rambling details of kernel hacking ahead. You've been warned. After many, many, many years I figured it'd be a good time to try and update my original BeagleBoard. Unfortunately I had...
  12. WizardStan

    Docker vs DBP

    I've been working with Docker at my new job, and I realized, they're basically PND/DBP packages. Download a squashFS file, union mount, and overlay a data directory, run/restart a command. Everything is automatically sandboxed. Docker containers can be stored anywhere, even on removable...
  13. WizardStan

    Omikron free

    In honor of David Bowie, Square-Enix are giving away the game Omikron: The Nomad Soul or Just enter the code "omikron"...
  14. WizardStan

    Steam Sale?

    Is anyone else a little disappointed in the Steam winter sale this year? Every other sale has been significant, with events and hourly specials and bonuses. This year it's like no thought went into it. I come back daily to do my discovery queue just to get the cards but I don't actually care...
  15. WizardStan

    Pyra PMIC

    What PMIC did you or Nikolaus choose for the Pyra? I'd like to read up on the differences with the Pandora's TWL4030.
  16. WizardStan

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Castlevania spiritual successor) Yet another "new game in the same style as some older game by the same person/team who brought you the original", this time Castlevania.
  17. WizardStan

    WizardStan makes a keyboard

    Here's my concept Mashed together some ideas from others to come up with what I think looks and feels right. I didn't populate all the Fn keys, there are 8 empty spaces we can fill in with international symbols if we so desire. I don't know the best way of doing that for those that need them...
  18. WizardStan

    Cell Providers and privatization argument [split from Of boards and display thread]

    Someone on Verizon right now may want to give them a call and explain that they're planning to buy a phone internationally that is compatible with their network and will they activate it if they do.I suspect they'll say no. Even their "Bring Your Own Device" plans states "eligible Verizon...
  19. WizardStan

    Arch users willing to test something?

    I did a system update on Friday and ever since I can't get Repetier Host to work, it crashes in RepetierHost.view.utils.RegMemory.StringToWindowPos with "System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range" error. I'm still using the same version of Repetier Host with the same build of...
  20. WizardStan


    In case no one else is paying attention to the side bar: EvilDragon's empire of retro grows even larger today. Soon he will be the sole proprietor of classics capable hardware. And then he will never sleep again.