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  1. Seamus


    JUst wondering why there seems to be no zx81 emulator in the Repo anymore  I think this was the ony emulator for that machine Sz81 V1.0.0.0 Does anybody know where it could be found? It is removed from the link provided.
  2. Seamus

    Will platinum cases crack? (Split from Wootsons thread)

    this is very sad to see a member leave like this. there seems to be no real comeback on these problems. this project has never lived up to it promise. The community has in-fighting between moderators and members all through the painful experience from birth to rebirth I received a rebuff...
  3. Seamus

    Cases and Cracks again

    I dont really want to start this topic again but having a Pandora that cost over 400 euro with a case that has completely collapsed because of cracks I would really want to know if this issue is solved. Surely the physical state of the Pandora is first priority. Is there a guarantee with the...