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  1. Mark

    Benefits for donators?

    Hello, Wouldnt it be an Idea to offer special benefits for donators (crowdfunding style)? Like: Choose an amount you wish to donate to the Project: 2€ ... Name on the Website 5€ ... shipping discount 7,50€ ... Name on Website + Sticker 50€ ... 100€ ... 250€... What do you Thing about this?
  2. Mark

    Display brightness, help needed

    Hello, I wanted to play my favourite game but display brightness is do dark (already put it on maximum) Any idea how an can increase it above the systems maximum? Thx alot
  3. Mark

    PCSX Bios question

    Hello, is there a auto detect mode? or do i have to choose the suitable bios (us,jap,u) on my own for each game? If yes, where do i have to choose it? thx alot
  4. Mark

    Beginners question about bluetooth and factory reset

    Hello, Is it possible to performe a factory reset? I connected my phone and the pandora via Bluetooth and tried to send files from the phone to the pandora. I always get an error message (file will not be send) and on the pandora side i only find the option to send (!not receive?) files  Thx...
  5. Mark

    Nintendo World, New York

    You'll have to forgive me for my laziness, I'm just copying and pasting this from what I typed in another forum. I appologuise for the poor quality of the pictures, my digital camera doesn't like cold/light/taking photographs. Me and my girlfriend have just got back from Manhattan, and have a...
  6. Mark

    Buying Video Games In The Us

    Since I'm off to New York next month I hope to pick up a large stack of cheap games for the DS and a few other consoles. I can get a rough idea of the prices online, but I'm unsure if these prices are cheaper simply because of that fact. Are there are chains of store I should go for when...
  7. Mark

    Mario Kart Ds

    Okay, I'm officially excited about this now. Take a look at these: New Videos Interview It looks great in motion, and it's good to see stuff like more players (and bots) in battle mode, along with customisable karts. It looks to cater more for the online players; it allows you to chose how...
  8. Mark

    Super Monkey Ball Ds Looks cel shaded in places, but thank God it's on it's way.
  9. Mark

    The Awesome Dahv

    At first I really didn't know if her rubbishness was intentional. Doesn't look like it.
  10. Mark

    Family Guy The Movie

    I had no idea the DVD was coming out this soon, but apparntly it is and has been leaked already. 700MB, usual places. 12.1% for me. Just a heads up.
  11. Mark

    Mornington Crescent

    Piccadilly Circus. Not that I would use the Longman proceedure to unfair advantage, you see, but a chance to use Plythe's second ammendment within mere seconds is a prospect that begs to be explored. I remind you that the use of the double shunt is not permitted, but the use of two singular...
  12. Mark

    Was Your Psone Chipped/modded?

    We're trying to find out just how many people had their PSones chipped or modded; internal and external chips included.
  13. Mark

    Should I Give My Girlfriend An Sti? Cute, init.
  14. Mark

    Irish Compo

  15. Mark

    Ps2nfo: What's The Deal With Them?

    Reading through a few threads, a few other websites and now the latest interview with the WAB (is that right?) launcher's creator, am I right in thinking they go around stealing other people's work and sticking their own names on it? I know this doesn't leave much room for discussion, but still.
  16. Mark

    Pro Wrestling

    Before I begin, I'll just point out that yes, I'm aware wrestling is 'fake'. Anyone here a fan of wrestling? Are there any smarts or smarks out there? Do you only watch WWE or are you interested in TNA, Ring Of Honor, NOAH etc. ? Looking forward to the EC Fn' Dub PPV? I have a feeling that...
  17. Mark

    Guess The Gp32 Member's Picture

    And just to show I'm not excluding myself, here's a picture of me.
  18. Mark

    Twisted Metal Psp Swap/sell

    Yeah, another PSP game from me. Bored of Twisted Metal; I'm willing to swap it for another PSP game if anyone wants to. I have Ridge Racer and Everybody's Golf (and had Tony Hawk) so I don't want any of them really. If anyone wants to buy it, make me a reasonable offer. I won't rip you off. I'm...
  19. Mark

    Revolution On The 19th? Theories Inside The Following Three screenshots are taken from the On Video. In the conferance, was it not mentioned just how easy it is to make games for the Revolution? Could this be part of the Revolution- the user can...
  20. Mark

    First Ps3 Pictures This was released literally a few minutes ago. Not enough views to judge it yet, but it certainly has a unique design.