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  1. Fworg64

    RMA sent in april, still no status updates

    I know i've made a thread or two about this already, but instead of digging them up i figure ill just make a new one. I sent my pandora out sometime in early to mid april for a LCD cable replacement and a damaged shoulder button. Because of the shipping method I chose i was unable to track...
  2. Fworg64

    Wheres my RMA?

    I sent my Pandora in for repair April 11th for PTOD, a cracked case, and a broken Left Shoulder button. I understand that it may have been too busy or hectic to send out a conformation email but now that it has been almost 3 months I am beginning to get worried about the whereabouts of my...
  3. Fworg64

    USB to Parallel Printer Cable

    Will a High Speed USB 2.0 to bidirectional parallel printer cable converter work with the Pandora? I don't need to print anything, just want to know if I can output with it, as I need to make a robot and the Pandora would be a neat controller as it fits within the competition requirements and is...
  4. Fworg64

    Should I RMA?

    I have the PTOD and am wondering if i should RMA or just order a new lcd cable and replace it myself. I feel confident enough to replace it myself, and I don't want to have to wait for my pandora to go overseas and back. I guess the main factor would be the amount of time it would take, shipping...
  5. Fworg64

    [Solved-ish] Using the nubs as joysticks

    First off, if this belongs in the C/C++ section go ahead and move it, figured I'd get better attention here :P I'm trying to use the nubs as joysticks with allegro, and so far its not going very good. I can't seem to get any values from them at all. Well, heres my code: (used to...
  6. Fworg64

    Where can i find a hotfix 5 rootfs image?

    i looked in but cannot seem to find something named "hotfix 5" or the like.
  7. Fworg64

    Getting TiEmu/TilEmu to work with 84+ Calc

    Im almost certain i dumped my rom correctly, using this - I did it through wine though on my linux machine if that may have effed something up though, also i didnt include a os upgrade, just used "./rom8x.exe 84PBE" for the command...
  8. Fworg64

    Help with setting up Aircrack. (libs and patches)

    following this http://boards.openpa...__fromsearch__1 and this and using this I know i can use aircrack but i ran into a couple problems, 1. Libssl and libcrypto seem to be missing from my pandora (running...
  9. Fworg64

    [Solved]How do i SSH into Pandora's Box?

    I tried just reversing the Mount over SSH tutorial on the wiki as i am running Xubuntu on my desktop, but the command: sshfs fworg64@ /media /media/pandora (tried root as well, no luck) gives me a 'missing host' error. I tried screwing around with puTTY on both machines but i...
  10. Fworg64

    Release [BETA] Pfoiy

    Update again, adding nice nub support. next phase, Graphics and UI! Known bugs/unwanted features: nubs dont always work, can tell by the last two lines of debug information on the title screen whether or not they initialized properly, if the names are both "unused" for the last 2, than it...
  11. Fworg64

    [Solved] Allegro Development

    Is there a liballeg.a native to the pandora floating around? When i use freamons dev .pnd the shared version is fine but I cant just stick that in my .pnd. (Or can I?) Also not sure if this belongs in the C/C++ section but i think its a little dead :P
  12. Fworg64

    AAHHH! Pandora competition (concept so far)

    This thing looks to be the pandora's compitition in the future (couple years) It features Capacitive touchscreen x86 architecture (really) fancy adaptive keyboard (look it up its pretty legit) 172mm x 115mm x 25 mm diminsions (compared to the pandora's 140mm x 83.4mm x 27.5mm)...
  13. Fworg64


    Archive givin me 404`s :angry: how can i solve this problem? or if someone just wanted to drop me a download of the latest visual boy advance that would work too :P i think this issue has been addressed before somewhere... but there should be a "report broken links" button or something.
  14. Fworg64

    Trouble compiling allegro5

    well i would say ive almost successfully compiled allegro5 on my pandora but i have one error in my way... 'Could NOT find OpenGL (missing : OPENGL_gl_LIBRARY)' I'm terribly confused. I thought freamon's c/c++ dev tools had the opengl stuff included? so my question is Where can i find the...
  15. Fworg64

    X11 devolopment libraries...

    <DISREGARD> </DISREGARD> EDIT:: Have got very far, now all i need to do is run cmake and, crap. "X11 not found. You may need to install X11 development libraries" Where do i find these? i looked on my pandora and they werent there, nor did a "sudo opkg search "X11"" or a "sudo opkg search...
  16. Fworg64

    How do i set up Remote Administration?

    I want to be able to control my Windows Vista Desktop with my pandora. I have gone to system properties and allowed Remote Desktop (computer>properties>remotedesktop>2nd button(less secure)) and have fiddled a bit with router settings and what not but am willing to do it just about any way...
  17. Fworg64

    Pandora terminal game in a pnd

    I have a terminal game (runs from a CLI) (TicTacToe) that runs fine when launched from terminal, and i have even made a launcher on the desktop for it that runs the command 'Terminal -x /media/LILGUY/TicTacToe/TicTacToe' that launches the program just fine. But when i try to wrap the whole thing...
  18. Fworg64

    mkisofs, where is it?

    Is there one? A mkisofs for the pandora? wants to call it but despite my best google-ing i could not find it, I downloaded the source for cdtools-3.0.0 and mkisofs-1.13 but have no idea how to compile them, if someone wanted to give me a mkisofs binary i would really appreciate it or...
  19. Fworg64

    Change font size in terminal command?

    What is the command to change the font size in terminal? Specifically to size 8 or 9 (not 10) I know how to go to edit > preferences > appearance or whatever and change it there but i want the command to do it. I know it some thing like "consolechars -H 8 -f monospace" Or. Something. but i...
  20. Fworg64

    Native Development help

    not sure if this is the right section, but i do need help how do i set up native compilation on my pandora? in the end what i want is to use codeblocks and allgro5 and have it all set up ao i simply need to code and hit build. what ive dne so far is ive ran fraeamons c/c++ dev tools and...