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    After many years...

    I pre-ordered a Pandora back before they were even close to being manufactured and after many delays I unfortunately had to cancel my preorder. I bought an ICP1 and was never really as pleased with it as I thought I would be (but I had a lot of fun with it regardless). From the GP32x days till...
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    I know I have paid

    is there any way I can get an email stating my order status? I dont wanna be a bother, it's just that I don't have the confirmation email anymore and I know the funds were cleared. Any help would be appreciated :) EDIT: Dammit, in my haste, I spelled confirmation wrong :P And I do have the...
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    Iphone/ipod/ipad Os On Pandora?

    I was wondering if there would be any way of running iPhone apps on pandora. Purely because this is pure freakin' win Does anyone know if it is possible? The hardware is very similar and it would be so awesome to have amplitube on the go without lugging a laptop around. If not, are there any...
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    Visual Basic And Dx7/8 On Arm?

    At the risk of looking like a dumbass, here goes... I was wondering if it would be possible to run this kick-ass zombie game on the Pandora. It is a windows game, but it is written in VB. Also, it is dependent on DirectX 7 or 8. Would it be possible to run it on *shudders* windows mobile on...
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    Yet Another Poll...

    "It's MINE!!!"
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    Nokia E63 + Bgp100 + Holux M1000 Gps

    I need a phone, but I don't wanna break the bank, and I wont buy an iPhone out of principle :P I like the Palm Pre and the newer nokia phones, but I am rough with my mobiles and I don't wanna break a $600+ phone and be stuck on a contract to boot. I'm in Australia, and I can get a nokia E63...
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    Anyone For Dosbox?

    I really would appreciate any news about dosbox. I don't mind if there isn't any, but it is one of my most anticipated apps for Pandora. Pickle, if you have the time, don't let that goats life be taken for naught. Please give us an update :D And mayhaps grace this humble topic with a video. :)...
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    Is There An App For Adjusting Clock Speed?

    I used to like how gmenu on the 2x allowed you to set clock speeds for each app or game. Is there an app for Dingux that could at least set the clock speed up or down in dmenu?
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    It has been mentioned before, but I searched and all I could find was from a year ago. Since there has been a whole lot of progress in the pandoras development since then, is Vavoom possible on pandora? Doom 1+2, heretic/hexen, strife and korax heritage games (when they are finished) would be...
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    Screen Tearing Fixed, And Dual Boot Improvement

    There are a couple of excellent updates at in regards to screen tearing and dual boot. The Dingoo is being made heaps better thanks to Booboo. Those of us here that own a Dingoo should be paying a little more attention ;) And also, take that naysayers :P
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    Xwii Port For Wii Remote On Pandora?

    XWii Homepage This is some kind of driver and configuration app that allows people to control x11 desktop with the wii remote. It has support for the nunchuk, classic controller and the wii guitar hero controller. Hopefully it could work with the wii rockband 2 drum kit as well, which would...
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    Are There Anymore Preorders Being Taken?

    As of today, are any more orders being taken for first batch? I had to cancel my order after being refunded the first time around :( But I can afford it again, so I'd like to place an order if possible. And if so, are credit cards being accepted now?
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    Dingoo A320 Linux booting quick port of Gmenu2x. By booboo

    I've posted this info in the other consoles section of the Gp32x board, but since there is a news section here, and this is some good news for the Dingoo... ... ation.html I thought I'd post this just in case people hadn't heard already :)
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    Dingoo A320 Linux Booting Gmenu2x Looks like linux is gonna be the way to go after all. Hopefully. :D
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    Guaranteed To Be The Worst Thing You've Seen Today

    ***Disclaimer*** The following clip contains disturbing sounds and images that may be offensive to viewers with an IQ above 50 and the sense of hearing. If violent rage and feelings of nausea persist, please listen to a good band.
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    A320 Screen tearing

    There are reports of screen tearing in more erecently released Dingoos, the black ones in particular. Are many other Dingoo owners experiencing this? I have noticed that not all games show screen tearing, and TV out works fine, no tearing at all. Whats causes screen tearing? Is it the...
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    Dingoo A320 Os Uc/os-ii Source Code

    CODE Thought I'd put a link here in case it's useful for anyone. The source code is free for non-commercial and educational use. If this topic turns out to be useless, please feel free to delete it and accept my apologies in...
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    Dosbox For The Dingoo?

    does anyone think it's possible? And if it is, would it outperforme the gp2x or the wiz?
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    Refund Hasn't Been Processed

    I recieved my refund email and responded immediately relinquishing my pre-order slot so it can be taken by someone else. I want to order straight away in the second batch. But my refund hasnt been processed yet. Has anyone else been waiting so long? I am starting to worry.
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    Before I express my concerns, I would like to say that the hardcore, anti anyone who doesn't know how to compile their own linux kernel, douche brigade (you know who you are, you're the people that will get pissed if/when you read that last bit) are making it unreasonably hard for new...