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  1. Nova

    The Communication Cube

    Where am I?
  2. Nova

    The Communication Cube

    Ok. Catch me up.
  3. Nova

    The Rabbit Joint

    Man.  :(
  4. Nova

    Fucking what mate

    Fucking what mate
  5. Nova

    Farewell And All The Best, Pandorians. :)

    Farewell, friend. I hope our paths cross again soon.
  6. Nova

    Don't Buy From This Guy

    Oh for goodness sake.
  7. Nova

    The Rabbit Joint

    I don't know what you fuckers are talking about. Except you Sony. Don't ever change. <3
  8. Nova

    The Rabbit Joint

    Can I ask why exactly you have so many? Got a lot of toilets? Also clear this up for me. Is the screen plastic or glass? i.e. will I need a protector? Cheers
  9. Nova

    This Is Just Sad.

    I want to give you a cuddle. Get over here.
  10. Nova

    The Rabbit Joint

    I'm gonna buy one of them vita thingers.
  11. Nova

    Move Over Pandora It's A Sony

    I have nothing to say, I just wanted to be part of this thread.
  12. Nova

    Prospective Console Recruitment

    I just got my BA in Product Design, so I might have a little tinker with the aesthetics if thats ok? Maybe come up with a render or two.
  13. Nova

    Spam In The Caanoo Section

    I'll go after the programmer then ;).
  14. Nova

    Spam In The Caanoo Section

    I just got done deleting a ton of spam posts from a certain member here. The person in question has been permabanned, the posts have been deleted and the citizens of GP32x can sleep safe in their beds again. I just want to thank all the members who flagged the posts for me to find quickly...
  15. Nova

    Like It Or Not Now I Have Seen Everything

    I hear the boards are a bit of a clusterfuck over there anyway.
  16. Nova

    The Rabbit Joint

    I just switched to the Xperia Arc from the HTC Desire. The Desire was nice, but the Arc is so much nicer. The HDMI out and 8MP camera sealed the deal for me. Here's an example pic (size adjusted for your convenience).
  17. Nova

    Just Tried Out The 3Ds

    Unix five!
  18. Nova

    Good By All

    All of this is true.
  19. Nova

    Does Any One Know Where I Can Get Custom Plastic Enclosure Made?

    One of the girls on my Product Design course whipped up a CAD/CAM for a light fixture she was making for her project. She got in touch with a factory in china and convinced them to make this prototype for her so she could judge quality before she asked them to mass produce (obviously she wasn't...