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  1. rohezal

    Pyra Magic the Gathering Deckbuilder and AI Decktester

    I wrote a magic the gathering deckbuilder and a deck tester. You can play against a (stupid) ai, create your own decks, print proxies and filter by color, type, string, not string and rule set (commander, modern, etc). It is opensource but yet unreleased. I could use beta tester, bug hunter for...
  2. rohezal

    Minecraft on Pyra?

    How well does minecraft run on a Pyra? I found a lot of Pandora videos but not a single Pyra one. Ingo, Matze, whats up guys ;) ? I played minecraft on PC and on a PS Vita. The Vita Edition has a 864*864 block limit which is way too small. The switch only supports 3K*3K blocks, which is still...
  3. rohezal

    I could use some nice words

    My girl friend died 10 years ago during an astmatic incident. Some times after her dead I dreamed about being with her and we walked to a party. Than I woke up and was so incredible sad. It happened again and again and I started to try to wake up during a dream where I encounter her. It worked...
  4. rohezal

    Android to other OS loader for native games (GTA San and Max Payne)

    TL DR: Some crazy playstation vita hacker wrote wrappers for android games to let them run on other arm OSes. Maybe something which could be done for regular arm32 linux. The PS Vita uses a Quadcore Cortex A9. This is a wrapper/port of the Android version of Max Payne Mobile. It loads the...
  5. rohezal

    OpenGL and DirectX through Vulkan?

    Sorry for the noob question, but there is an opengl implementation based on vulkan. Steam did the same for DirectX12. Does the OMAP5 support Vulkan? gl4es is great, but afaik is does not...
  6. rohezal

    VOIP phone question

    Since homeoffice I would love to have two seperate numbers. One classical landline for my job and classical landline for my parents. My ISP charges an arm and a leg for more than one phone number. I got some cheap VOIP service and I am very happy with it. I have a vodafone easybox with only one...
  7. rohezal

    Dreamcast with upscaled textures?

    There is a youtube person who upscales textures for dreamcast games via AI and uses higher resolution modes to improve the graphics games. A bit like psx rearmed. This guy goes over the top, but would it be possible to have 2x times the original texture resolution and 2x the screen resolution of...
  8. rohezal

    Minecraft on pyra?

    Just for my curiosity, did someone try to run minecraft on a pyra or the omap5 dev board? Would love to see it. Since the psvita version has an extremly limited world size. The same is true for the switch.
  9. rohezal

    Are there czech members / people who in live in the Czech Republic on this board?

    Just wanted to ask if there are czech people on the pandora / pyra board . If this is the case, please feel free to reply to this thread. Just want to ask a few things about Praha and the towns around it :).
  10. rohezal

    Stackoverflow got a new Code of Conduct, most downvoted post ever

    Most negatively rated FAQ on SO. My comments were deleted. I am happy we have some places without this nonsense. Like this board :). Q: Do I have to use pronouns I’m unfamiliar or uncomfortable with (e.g., neopronouns like xe, zir, ne... )? Yes, if those are stated by the individual. So...
  11. rohezal

    [Netherlands] Can you see flower fields in July?

    Hi guys, I am visiting the netherlands with friends from Canada. They would like to the flower fields. Are there still flower fields in early July which are still blooming? If so, could you give a link to them?
  12. rohezal

    Need help to find a cheap pump

    A bit strange, but I am a lazy piece of crap and don't want to mop up the water after cleaning my bathroom. It gets freaking wet, since I have to shower the tiles of the wall (don't ask why, my GF wants me to do it). So I am planning to get an aquarium pump with a tube to the lowest point of my...
  13. rohezal

    Odroid Mini-PC with Intel Gemini Lake can emulate Wii

    Will be released end 2018, maybe a nice future cpu board?
  14. rohezal

    Thank you for the ignore function

    I just want to say thank you for the ignore function of this board. I just noticed it today and it is very convenient and working great. This could help to make the news threads more readable.
  15. rohezal

    Rockpro64 ARM CPU A72/A53 seems to be avaible for kickstarter projects

    Maybe a nice CPU upgrade for the Pyra later in its life circle. 64-bit ARMv8 Cortex-A72/Cortex-A53 core designs. Fitted with 6 (2 big, 4 littles) cores, up to 4GB DDR3
  16. rohezal

    Bug on Letux changes site

    Changes for the latest kernel point to but should point to Did not know where to report it, so I reported it here.
  17. rohezal

    OpenGL and Vulkan driver of the pyra

    The Unreal Engine 4 is very promising and supports different render backends. Which one are supported by the Pyra? In general I am interested which of these are working (OpenGL 1.x most will most likely work with via glshim, right?) OpenGL 1.x OpenGL 2.x Vulkan OpenGL ES 2.x OpenGL ES 3.x
  18. rohezal

    Ethereum for paying in addition to bitcoins?

    Hi, I had bought some Ether when it was cheap and want to invest it into a Pyra now. Do I have to convert it to bitcoins (with a loss) or can I pay directly with Ether? The good thing about Ether is that is that transactions are way faster than bitcoin transactions. And you can do smart...
  19. rohezal

    Burrito Groupon in Frankfurt zu verschenken

    Hi Guys, sorry for the German topic. Some time ago I bought a groupon for 2x Burritos in Frankfurt which I can claim, since I live near Hannover now. The groupon will expire in 2 days. If someone want a free dinner for 2 persons here: , just write in this thread...
  20. rohezal

    tropical storm in Sao Paulo hot my Pandora

    Hi, a tropical storm hit Sao Paulo and my Pandora was laying on a table next to an open window. It got wet the top, and I stupidly turned it on :( . A shimmering screen and a few seconds some crackle and the screen went dark, but I could shut it down via software 2 days later I tried to start...