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    T-Mobile Pulse Android

    OS2.1, Unlocked. 1 month use. £115. You'll need to provide your own SIM. I'm listing it here because you can get a fair amount of emu's and the like for Android :) Sold to Gruso!
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    For Some Weird Reason, I Thought This Was Kinda Relevent You gotta admit, it's spooky.
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    Note that this is a Pandora forum, Not an OMAP forum.

    Please post non-Pandora topics to the Offtopic or Other Consoles forums.
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    Got fedup of trying to get Snes to play nice on the Wiz. Cursed the Wiz long enough, and then found out the emu wasn't actually outputting any sound :huh: The cpu emu had bugs which prevented it from working on the Wiz (causing seg faults), which I've managed to fix, but not outputting any...
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    File Hosting > 2Mb

    If you need to upload a file larger than the board's 2MB limit, there are a few free file hosting services that do not require any registration. - very simple, 100MB limit MediaFire - 2GB limit dropbox - 2GB More sites (and general discussion) in the Pandora beta testing section ->...
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    Pandora Batch 2 Pricing

    And before someone asks - Yes, the pre-order batch will be the same quality as the second batch.
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    Is The Gp32 Really This Rare? £219.00 + £13.90 P&P "Game Park 32 console. No game is included. The console is NEW and complete in box."
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    Minibook The "32-Bit CPU" mentioned seems to be a XBurst - "A set of industry-standard RISC instruction set." "A multimedia acceleration for the SIMD instruction set." "An innovative...
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    Reminder: Fair Deal For Drivers

    The campaign, 'Fair Deal for Drivers' aims to pressure the government into reducing the cost of driving by scrapping the 2p duty rise planned for October, and to abandon plans to increase vehicle excise duty next year for owners of cars registered before 2006. The campaign also urges the...
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    Pandora Pandora Bios

    What do you expect to see in it? (Keep in mind that this needs to be <= 128KB in length, so don't ask for things like MP3 players or video players) Currently at power on, it shows the Pandora logo and boots a Linux kernel from NAND. However, if you press the 'Menu' button whilst its loading the...
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    Pandora Sdk, Developer Tools & Documentation

    Please visit the Pandora Wiki before asking development questions. If you want to get straight into setting up a dev environment, these guides from DJWillis are the best place to start. They're not official, but they're as close as it gets. Native software development (developing on your...
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    How To Complete A Clean Install...

    QUOTE Completing a clean installation of the program will help to prevent conflicts that can occur. The remainder of this note describes the procedure. Complete the steps below to reduce conflicts during the installation. 1. Place a small amount of nonabrasive, liquid soap on the shiny side...
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    Omap Dev Kit Playing A Video

    Just a very short video showing a video playing - My camera batteries died, otherwise it would have been longer and more involved. No audio, as the output is via headphones, and I don't have any speakers.
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    What Should The Pandora File Archive Look Like?

    Well, the Pandora has been molded around your ideas and suggestions, so its now time for the file archive :) Several people are creating such an archive, but it would be nice if people gave there opinion of what they wanted, with sample pictures of what they expect. NOTE: No rabbits pictures...
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    Discussed in another thread previously was this: 239 630 225 231 535 377 199 206 199 200 = 304 fps avg 188 227 188 198 182 178 182 188 200 179 = 191 fps avg 176 184 176 178 199 224 234 435 455 191 = 245 fps avg 207 196 197 187 237 207 187 173 169 187 = 194 fps avg 176 172 175 162 183 208 245...
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    How Do You Consume Bananas?

    Well ?
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    Gp32 / Gp2x Timeline Interesting, no?
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    Guess The Tv Series!

    One of those classic "I'll just boot up my computer" moments in a particular episode of a tv series: The PC's components don't seem to be combined very well :D Oh, bonus points for identifying the episode and who's PC it is :)
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    Final Burn Alpha Test Build

    Finalburn Alpha is an emulator for MC68000/Z80 based arcade games. It is the successor of FinalBurn that adds more features & compatibility like Neo Geo support to the original that has been discontinued. Video of the emulator, thanks to JyCet. Homepage of current build Note that this is...
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    Logo Request/menu Screen

    I've got a working/playable version of FB-GP2X here with sound for anyone who decides to create a nice logo :) It'll only play one ROM at the moment, which must be called '' (a CAVE ROM), but I think that should be more than enough to get someones motivation going :) Basically, I...