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    Pc-link Hacked Version

    Hi everybody. I hate dvd rewritables. I just deleted my entire gp32 stuff collection I am now rebuilding my collection by downloading everything from the file archive. BUT now i can't find the hacked PC-link util. i've been searching my ass off on google and everything but no succes so far...
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    Gpengine Beta

    Hi retro fans. I know it has been brought up a few times before, but i really think that gpengine BETA should be released. It has been SO long since this great emu has been updated, and to top it all up, the gp32 is dying anyway. So please, let us poor owners of the low tech gp32 have our...
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    Enterprise System Emu

    Reported on gp32 spain site.
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    Gp32 3d Model

    I guess most of you already noticed it but there is a new 3d Demo available at gp32spain. (also runs on the PC) In this demo you can see a full 3d goraud high poly baby with lighting and all. Runs @ an amazing 6FPS! If we could view the fps of the PC version we could compare things... This...
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    2 Player Games On 1 Gp32?

    I'm going to france in about 1 week for skiing. B) Me and a mate of mine sit next to eachoter on the 1100km long trip. Sooo i'm going to stuff my gp32_console with movies, and games!! It would be great if we could play multiplayer games in turns or even simultaneously!! I searched the board...
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    2 Player Games On 1 Gp32?

    Damn delete this topic plz..
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    Dune 2

    in several topics i found many people saying DUNE 2 doesnt work on any emulator on the gp32. (because of the cyclone bug) After some research i found out that is DOES work, namely on GENEMU.. (hasnt got the cyclone?) Only the american nstc version works "Dune - The Building of a Dynasty" and...
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    Gamespot Herknights

    I found the gp32 game 'Hernights' is added to the gamespot database. Is there someone with a gamespot membership who can review this? I would be good for the gp32 :ph34r:
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    Uae4all Alpha Released (dc Amiga Emu)

    Check I REALLY like the name of the emu, 4ALL!!!! *wonders off* :rolleyes: Isn't it true that DC progs as easier to port than pc progs???????
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    Changing Clockspeed In Emulators.

    I've been searching for something like a walkthrough or explaination on how alter the clockspeed of emu's such as fsms, fgb, and ljgp. (I'd like to lower te clockspeed just to experiment) I HAVE found some info about this, wich came down to: Unfxe the FXE file and HEXsearch for a certain string...
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    Fsms & Fgb

    Does anybody know @ what speed (mhz) FSMS and FGB run?
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    Gp Linux Tested With Ethernet Adapter

    I just read this post, and i think the question this guy asks is very important. device and my adapter.
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    Memory Card Fragile? Guess Again!!

    I found this article @ "", wich is a dutch online newspaper. I tried to translate it as good as possible. After reading this you will see GAMEPARK made the right decision by intergrating a SM card slot in the gp32 AMSTERDAM - Vacationers with digital cameras do not need to be worried...
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    Pc Emulator Is Possible.

    A while ago a topic was started about PC emulation on the GP32. The conclusion was: The PC emulator would run too slow. I guess that's not true. I have got a handheld pc HP320LX, wich has a Hitachi SH3 processor@ only 33mhz. It runs Windows CE over it (slowdowns) and STILL it can emulate an...
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    (almost) Full Sound Genesis Games

    It's a rainy day today in holland, So its genesis games testing time!! I tested them on the exellent fgen32 I found that a LOT of games are really playable @133 mhz, and that al LOT of them are with (almost) full sound. Thought it would be usefull; A list of fully playable games with...
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    Improving Forum.

    I must say that the GP32 X forum is improving alot. It seems that everybody has cooled down a bit and the forum seems to have a much nicer tone. It may sound weird to hear this from a non mod, but i just wanted to compliment everybody about this improvement.
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    Emulator Mhz's

    I was just wondering if someone knows wich emulators run at a decent pace at 66mhz?? This because of the battery usage. I found that a coleco emu runs at full speed @ 66mhz... Otherwise i guess i have to carry a 10 pack of batteries everywhere :P