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    Pseudo-bricked Gp2x

    Well, I bricked the main OS (but not bootloader) trying to update from 1.2 to 1.4 with a shoddy power supply using robs updater, and then got it to work updating from what remained of 1.2 to 2.0.
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    Pseudo-bricked Gp2x

    What I had to do in order to flash mine was reformat the card, then make sure the first files I put on were the firmware update files in the order which they would be needed by the GP2X to update. I don't know if you tried that, but that was the only way I could get mine to flash. I had a...
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    Payback Progress Report

    Its on the front page of Digg now! Huzzah!
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    Beat2x V0.5

    The only reason im any good at beat2x is because it in no way involves a dance pad or any actual dancing.
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    Snes Super Strike Eagle

    Starfox used an add-on chip, so that would be out of the question unless that was emulated
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    Tv Tuner

    There are a bunch of linux tv card drivers, but you would need to provide more specific information on the tuner. There are no programs for watching tv specifically, but i believe mplayer can access capture cards, and the command line program cat, which captures video from a tuner card, would...
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    Alternative More Full Linux

    Now lets see if someone can get BSD on there, or maybe even haiku ;)
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    Alternative More Full Linux

    No, as that is made for x86 computers, although Debian for ARM could work with some modifications for the hardware. It would be unnecessary, as what we have currently is a pretty complete distribution, including X. More stuff just needs to be compiled, thats all.
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    Pl Help Me With Skinning

    made sure they were the right name as well?
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    Squidgesnes Problems

    Have you been overclocking it?
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    Roms for psx are pretty hard to come by, ive resorted to ripping them The local blockbuster where i live has loads and they sell for about 2 pounds
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    Good Running Psx Games On Emulator

    good thing my local video games store sells psx games for 1-2 pounds
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    Mame Gp2x 1.5

    anyone have the listinfo.tx, anyone at all?
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    Mame Gp2x 1.5

    can someone upload the listinfo.txt (for use with advancescan) to somewhere thats not rapidshare, which for some reason does not work for me.
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    Movie Player Issue

    Or it may have been that the batteries ran out. You should get some good rechargeables, this thing eats through batteries.
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    Gp2x=hot Shit Right Now

    About 1/3 the kids Im friends with think its a crappy psp rip off, 1/3 think its some weird thing thats fun to play with during free periods that they may get if the price drops, and the other 1/3 (who are about 2 years older and have fond memories of snes and genesis) are either getting one or...
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    Open For Game Suggestions

    A fishpond style game, where you start out as the small fish and half to eat smaller fish to get bigger, but the bigger you get the more fish you have to eat or you starver.
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    Favourite Racing Game On Gp2x?

    Road Rash
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    Shall I Sell Mygp2x For Psp?

    please make the pain go away (lock this thread)
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    Most Playable Games On Squidgesnes?

    Overclocked street fighter II works pretty well from some limited testing