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  1. porg

    How to run Die Siedler II (The Settlers) ROM from in DosBox EX Ultimate?

    The Software Library for MS-DOS Games offers Die Siedler II. You can play it right in the web browser. Worked just fine on a contemporary Desktop. This runs Dosbox as a WebAssembly app. Also offers a ZIP archive download. Contains no ISO image of the CD. But seems to be the entirety...
  2. porg

    Loading ROMs from a NAS to an emulator running on a Pandora. Is it possible?

    Is this practically possible? Has someone already done it? If so: With what emulators? With which network equipment (Pandora, network devices, NAS device)? Benefits I have in mind: 1) Organize only once centrally and benefit from this on multiple devices. (Multiple Pandoras, or also different...
  3. porg

    Enthusiastic shout-out of a formerly very active community member after many years of absence

    Hello after a long time, Some of you may have known me as a very active community member in the early Pandora days. I did a lot of voluntary software testing, evaluations/reviews and user experience design for the community back then. I have not been active in the forums for years now. To...
  4. porg

    Handheld electronic games with Beethoven's "Für Elise" melody

    Please feel free to post about any handheld electronic game (aka LCD games) from the 1980ies &1990ies, which featured Beethoven's Für Elise as its melody anywhere in the gameplay, that you are aware of. Thanks! At best the full name of the game, manufacturer and the year of production. Links...
  5. porg

    GPFCE: Emulation too fast

    First of all, hi again dear community after 3 years of Pandora usage and forum abstinence. Wanted to play Super Mario Bros (NES) on GPFCE but it runs too fast. What can I do to get closer to the original playback speed? For comparison I looked at Youtube videos. There the countdown is clearly...
  6. porg

    Release Pandafe - great launcher - roms & native games as first citizens - finally experiencing it!

    Dear nuhrin, It is really AWESOME — I mean it in the true sense of the word not in the inflationary youth language use — to experience roms and native games both as equalized first citizens!!! This is a true breakthrough in Pandora user experience, now that I had some time since a year or so...
  7. porg

    Easy filesystem sharing between Mac & OpenPandora. HFS+ (hfsplus) sharing without file permission ha

    So far I used FAT32 for the SD card sharing between my Pandora and my Mac. Now comes a point, where I'd like to use symbolic links on the SD card. As hfsplus is supported on the Pandora OS since June 2013, I am trying to figure out the simplest possible way to share a HFS+ formatted partition...
  8. porg

    Inquiry: Improve documentation on .OVR (override) configuration files and their syntax

    These two resources: do not mention… …which configuration file format they follow: On a first...
  9. porg

    Forum software bug report: Search results shown as threads although requested as posts

    Recently I wanted to search for posts containing "pndmanager" from author "pmprog". The search engine fails in multiple aspects: Bug 1: Search results are shown as threads, although I requested them to be displayed as posts. Exception: If your search for yourself (logged in user == author)...
  10. porg

    Forum software inquiry: Search queries as HTTP GET so that you can simply share/re-use a search quer

    Could the forum software please be changed, so that the search form is submitted as HTTP GET instead of HTTP POST ?   Advantage: The search query is a simple URL, which contains alls the necessary variables, thus can be: bookmarked for later use, if you have a customized search you frequently...
  11. porg

    Can these DOS games be played fluently on a Rebirth Pandora?

    Star Wars: X-Wing (1993, polygonal 3D engine) Star Wars: Rebel Assault (1993, motion video backdrops)   Under which emulator and how fluent? Any special settings necessary (for better performance/compatibility)? Experiences anyone?
  12. porg

    Were there ever violent Game Boy games?

    The Game Boy games I played and oversaw so far gave the impression, that the GB was quite a child/youth-friendly platform, featuring no graphic violence and gore. Out of curiosity in video game culture, I am asking: Have there ever been violent games for the Game Boy? Original, homebrew? I...
  13. porg

    Bug report: USB 1 devices through USB 2 hub on USB host port - Sometimes work, sometimes fail!

    Works fine: USB OTG port <—1— OTGcable <—2— USB2hub <—3— USB1device With the bootup service "Start USB network on bootup" activated, I dis/re-connected numerous times (~10times) at each juncture (1, 2, 3), and the USB1device always worked fine.     Works hardly: USB host port <—1— USB2hub...
  14. porg

    Bug tracker update: Attributes missing + Submission fails!

    I guess this has to do with the recent update of Flyspray (file attachments haven't worked, then ED performed the update). 1) The attributes are missing (you cannot categorize/assign/… the bug) 2) Bug submission fails with this error message: Query {INSERT INTO `flyspray_tasks` ( task_id...
  15. porg

    My satisfaction with the Pandora after owning it for 2 years now

    1) Due to internal wifi issues I have to use an external wifi adapter, which brings several disadvantages: costs's you some extra money (only ~10-20 EUR, but still) consumes more power compared to internal wifi protrudes from the case, that shape can hinder pocket fitting and it even consumes...
  16. porg

    After disabling USB-host current still flows into USB device! Proof: device status LED still on. [bu

    porg filed bug #317 on 2013-05-01: neelix replied on 2013-05-02 0030: Now I answer here, because the bug tracker still has no ability to attach files to it: Thanks for the explanation, on how a USB device firmware works.   Really??? I always left my USB WiFi adapter plugged, and assumed the...
  17. porg

    Attachments still don't work in the bug tracker although reported 1 year ago

    I was really annoyed, that no-one takes care of it. Maybe it catches more attention here in the forums.
  18. porg

    Hint: Optimal rom layout with Pandafe & PCSX ReARMed

    Circumstances: Pandafe considers the parent of a rom to be its genre. Therefore a rom's associated files (a set consisting of multiple files, i.e. cue&bin) must reside directly within the genre folder, not nested within a rom-folder within the genre folder. Otherwise Pandafe mistakes...
  19. porg

    Special attribute "Native Pandora App" for the repo or PND-XML, so that native apps get the exposure

    Imagine a newcomer: How can s/he easily find native (=original) Pandora apps? ... without studying hundreds of blog posts, forum articles, repo detail pages, etc! It would be wonderful if you had one place, where you could browse apps particularly made for the Pandora. And as the repo...
  20. porg

    Touch screen (stylus) input offset in certain software applications ONLY. No hardware issue, but qui

    Over time I realized that certain apps' absolute input (touch input aka stylus) do "catch" a little offset, if you click within some few (or many) unlucky areas. This certainly is a software issue, as the stylus works perfectly accurate on i.e. my XFCE desktop, regardless of wether clicking or...