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  1. coldfish

    [Caanoo] Out Of Stock At Playasia

    Should we read anything into this?
  2. coldfish

    Caanoo: V400, V500 Comparison.

    Got a backup Caanoo last week and noticed a few things that have been observed by others but I thought worth listing in one place for the curious. :) My old Caanoo is a v400 date: 2010.08.06 (in the device info) with firmware 1.0.6 New is v500 date; 2011.09.29 with firmware 1.6.1 The...
  3. coldfish

    Jump N Blob

    I couldnt find ref to this in search. Its a very good and playable platform game that I found recently. Enjoy! Loads of versions too: wiz version caanoo version GP2X version Dreamcast version cdi Dreamcast version nrg Sourcecodes: Wiz version Caanoo...
  4. coldfish

    Energizer 2450Mah

    For anyone still interested, these cells have worked longer and held charge better than anything Ive used so far in my GP2X. Ive become a bit of a AA NiMH collector and tried lots of different makes and capacities in my search for the one (two) cell(s) to rule them all. These are the the newer...
  5. coldfish

    Powergenix Rechargable Nizn 1.6V Aa Cells.

    Just wondering if anyone has tried these AA's with the GP2X? They sound like a better fit for the 2X's power needs than NiMH cells, higher voltage 1.6V as opposed to 1.2V of NiMH. I cant find anywhere in Aus that stocks them yet, dammit.
  6. coldfish

    Gp2X Power Switch Fault.

    Not sure if this has been noted before, correct me if it has. I've recently discovered something interesting about my GP2X. When I run Battery test and touch or lightly press the power switch, the battery life remaining will fluctuate from ~100% down to ~60-70%. Sometimes it will start lower...
  7. coldfish

    F200 Overclockability.

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I searched but no luck. :( For those who have an F200 what sort of overclocks are you getting? Is getting a high clocking device still a crap-shoot, (roughly the same as F100 stock) or have things become better/worse? Thanks.
  8. coldfish

    Acadapter + Batteries?

    I recently got the official GP2X AC adapter and am wondering if it's ok to have it plugged in at the same time as having batteries in the batt' compartment? I have this nagging memory of reading about some issue with doing this, but it sounds like fud to me as no other product I can think of...
  9. coldfish

    Dev' Appreciation Thread.

    Me: long time reader first (well 5th?) time poster. I was just thinking how the GP2X wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the contributions of all the developers and homebrewers out there. Guys that put in long hours of coding and tweaking for free, for the fun of it, so lazy users like me...
  10. coldfish

    Battery Led = Faulty.

    The battery LED indicator has never worked on my MK2 (fw 2.0.0). Ive tested it with Vice and the BattLED test program, no luck. I heard somewhere, that some GP2X's have the LED soldered in reverse polarity, strange! Today, I opened mine up and sure enough it was reversed, and broken too...