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  1. puppydee

    Pandora For Sale Reluctantly

    Due to a change in my circumstances I now have no time to enjoy my Pandora which I waited as long as the rest of you for. Its listed on ebay if anyone can't wait for theirs to arrive item number 230525490571. It loaded with loads of games and emulators so you just need to switch it on and...
  2. puppydee

    Pandora Should Move To Android

    I don't really mind either way but I might be selling my pandora anyhow since I might be needing some cash for real life type of things, it's complicated :)
  3. puppydee

    [SOLVED]My Pandora Dream Has Come To An End...

    Noooooooooooo, I feel the pain m8, I left mine in the chippy but I got it back thankgod. Hope you figure out who it was and deck him big time :(
  4. puppydee

    Release Pandora-7800: Atari 7800 Emulator For Pandora V1.1.0

    If zx-81 made beer, it would probably be the best beer in the world :) Another great emulator m8 many thanks :) I love the devs in this place :)
  5. puppydee

    Omg I've Lost My Pandora!

    While £50 might seem a little much, if you flip it and he wasn't honest I would have had to wait a looong while till I could get a replacement and it would be another $349 so £50 is nothing compared with the price of buying a new one :)
  6. puppydee

    Omg I've Lost My Pandora!

    Phew, i'm glad to report I have got my pandora back. I'd left it on a table at the chippy and the owner had picked it up but when I asked if he'd found it he replied NO sorry and just before I broke down crying he smiled and said I've put it in a draw for you. Could of kissed the guy, ok maybe...
  7. puppydee

    Omg I've Lost My Pandora!

    Me too :(
  8. puppydee

    Omg I've Lost My Pandora!

    OMG I've just realized I've lost my Pandora, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo. Think I left it in the local chippy. I was just gonna finally get round to a bit of PSX emulation and it's not here. I can't believe it. I'm gonna be at that chippy at the crack of dawn. Hangs head :( : Update...
  9. puppydee

    What Determines Whether Something Gets Added To Pandora Apps?

    What happened to Pandora torrents? If it's still somewhere please pm me the deetz, cheers :)
  10. puppydee

    Just Ordered My Pandora

    I think craig said they'd finish the 1st batch by the end of October not september but I may be wrong. Anyway welcome lordbobjones :)
  11. puppydee

    Rhinestone Hinge Stop

    Super glue. Fast, hardly visible, no need to take to bits, done in seconds, doesn't close, ok maybe not :)
  12. puppydee

    Hellollo And Goodbyeye

    Post 28 say goodbye :blink:
  13. puppydee

    I Feel Down

    Make that 2 I'm in bed also and YES I'm using my pandora. Just about to fire up UAE4All and get some AMIGA action in before bedtime and yes my pandora is loved 100 PERCENT! :P Doh^^ edited his post in bed on his pandora :)
  14. puppydee

    Game Maker Program

    Awesome, I can't wait to have a play with that :)
  15. puppydee

    Will Production Ever Step Up A Gear?

    If you're after a date, craig said they'd have the first batch done by october so expect it within the next 3 months'ish :)
  16. puppydee

    Release Pandora-2600: Atari 2600 Emulator For Pandora V1.1.0

    I owned a ZX81 back when they where top spec machines, lol. Even had a printer but I never enjoyed playing any of the games on it. I ditched it for a ZX Spectrum+ with the hard keys, I loved that machine until my cousin got a C64 so I got C64 which died in the first week so it went back to the...
  17. puppydee

    Aquaria Ported To Psp Homebrew Before Pandora?

    It'll be ported soon enough once a few more :pandora2ut4: make it into the wild. Something to look forward to :D
  18. puppydee

    Release Pandora-2600: Atari 2600 Emulator For Pandora V1.1.0

    Best news I've heard all night. Where can I send beer money? Let me know and it shall be done :)
  19. puppydee


    Me to, would look awesome on the :pandora2ut4:
  20. puppydee

    Beta Uae4All Additions

    I'm glad to see improvements to the Amiga emulators, it was the reason i bought a pandora in the first place so good call all involved :)