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    E3 E-mail

    GOt this E-mail today.....probably since I gave them my business card.... GAMEPARK Inc. 3rd Fl. #319. Bluevill Bldg., Sunae-dong, Dundang-gu, Seongnam-City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea(Zip 463-825) May 17, 2006 Dear: Sirs and Madams GAMEPARK has just come back from a...
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    How Long Before Recharge?

    I've heard that rechargebles lose life as they sit around. How long can they sit around fully charged before I should throw them back in the charger to "top them off"? Is there a hard and fast rule of thumb about this?
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    Mame Cab!

    Got the cab for $1000 American then "did the do" to it! Surely I'm not the only one with a standup......LET'S SEE 'EM!! :lol:
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    What Tha Crap!?!

    So I picked up the 4 GB AData 150x card, made a sweet, sweet directory for it, jam it into my card reader and prepare to format it. For some reason, my computer will only let me format it up to 955 MB.....what is up with that?!? <_< EDIT: My 2 GB card reads as 1.89 GB in the same