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  1. MTPDA

    Can the Pyra's nubs be moved while clicked in?

    So I was playing Ape escape on my Pandora and realised that while the Pyra's nubs can click, every thread I've looked at mentions they need to be at centre to do so, which is fine, so does the PlayStation's. What I couldn't find out was if they can move while clicked, which is necessary to beat...
  2. MTPDA

    I'm having a mildly concerning problem with steam.

    I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 I just purchased the game Duskers because it sounded interesting. And after I installed it but didn't launch it, Steam crashed and did an upgrade. Now whenever I launch Steam I get an authentication prompt that can't be dismissed (clicking cancel just causes it to...
  3. MTPDA

    Question about Jazelle on Cortex A15

    So I was thinking about uses for the M4 chips and was looking at the Wikipedia page for ARM architecture (Specifically the Thumb programming part) to see if it would be difficult to learn so I could try playing around with it. It mentioned Jazelle as a minor alteration on Thumb-2 for executing...
  4. MTPDA

    Pyra Java game that looks like it would be fun on the Pyra, except for one problem.

    So there's a game called Space Haven that I just recently got on Steam, it's a lot of fun and it looks like it would be perfect for the pyra except it's 64 bit java only. Considering the minimum requirements I decided to ask in the forums whether or not the 64 bit Java was a design choice or...