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    Black Psone?

    anyone remember this psone? sony released a special devkit type thing, with a japanese-sounding name.. and then magazines released the homebrew games created with it in their cover cds. I remember some of the games were actually really fun.. so, anyone remember it? it was black, and shaped like...
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    well, now that game development is starting to kick off and i seem to have endless apps on my gp2x, the old "list of folders" format of the provided linux kernel is starting to get a bit annoying. i was just wondering, do you think devs would make alternative desktops for a new kernel, like the...
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    Links Web Browser?

    could someone explain why there is a web browser for the gp2x.. with no internet support? is it for viewing downloaded webpages or something?
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    Porting Guide

    alright, this may be a terrible idea, but if i remember correctly, a few devs have said that porting SDL games is not all that difficult. porting games is all a lot of people are interested in doing - me included - but i would have to learn how to code first, which would take a long time, before...
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    Scanlines Again

    well today i was browsing in dixons with a friend, and saw some personal media devices (like archos's and stuff, i think..), running videos, and noticed something! they suffer from pretty much the same scanline problem as the gp2x does, or it would seem so (i believe the problem varies based on...
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    Optimus Keyboard

    well, the optimus keyboard is released/revealed/something on feb 1st, and to me it looks incredibly appealing. look here to see it and stuff. i hope it isn't too expensive.. because i will be definitely doing my best to buy one. it's such an amazing design concept..
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    Cave Story?

    well, this is a long shot, but does anyone want to do a port of "cave story" by Pixel Studios? apparently the source is available on request, and after searching i found a topic where a gp32 port was discussed, but that sort of petered out. information for the game can be found here. i really...
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    Yet Another Joystick Mod

    well, after feeling the limitations of the normal joystick quite quickly, i decided to mod the joystick.. it seemed a lot easier as a principle once my computer monitor ripped off the stock cap by accident as i pulled out my gp2x. i looked at the end.. for those of you that haven't, from the top...
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    Movie Encoder

    hey, im sorry if this has already been asked (probably has.. i remember seeing a topic on it ages ago) but can someone please direct me to a movie encoder suitable for the gp2x? i recall seeing one which was specifically designed for handhelds.. i would like this one if possible. :D thanks in...
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    Sound Problem

    with my 2x its quite strange. i run it, and open a game/program, and usually the sound is distorted by noise - a constant "fuzzing" can be heard in the background, which disrupts the sound. but once it ran without this fuzzing, and the sound was quite clear. i don't remember doing anything...
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    Gbax Firmware Question

    does anyone know if gbax ( i think) flash gp2x's with updated firmware? i only ask because the card i bought isn't compatible with the first firmware.
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    hey, since i've joined and can access the "newb help" section for the gp2x, i've noticed a few complaints, and people saying things like "gp2x is f****** retarded". although the obvious retort is "you bought a handheld from a korean company which only costs £120 and no one has heard about, what...