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    Non-Programing Game Development

    As the titles says is it possible to have some kind of game creation kit that doesn't rely on a knowledge of programing? They've been about on various platforms for decades and have examples on current gen machines. LBP etc. There was 3D construction kit on the spectrum for example. Is there...

    Stanby App

    how about a small program that runs in the background that can turn off the screen and lower the cpu rate to as low as possible? Effectivly putting the wiz in standbye mode. Maybe use tapping a rythmn on the mic as a switch?


    Would love to see this ported to the WIZ. Latest version was ported to the F200 Link and source New to this scene so I have no idea if this is a lot of work to ask but it would be great to have this classic on the move. Otherwise i'll try my hand at dosbox or the amiga emu when my Wiz arrives...