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    Shhhhh....dude, they know. Don't interrupt the think tank. ;)
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    Mame4all Gp2x 1.6

    Ummm....if someone could PM me and point me in the right direction of the necessary set for this app, I would appreciate it greatly.
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    Gngeo2x 0.7 Beta 11

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    Gngeo2x 0.7 Beta 11

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    Gngeo2x 0.7 Beta 11

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    Gngeo2x 0.7 Beta 11

    Seems like I'm always late to the party. :lol: This emu runs wonderfully, and sound effects work fine, but there is no background music at all! I have a F200. I can't figure out what the problem is!! :blink:
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    Anatomy Of An F200 D-pad Mod

    Actually, I stayed up late last night updating all of my emus and I installed Open2x. I was amazed at how painless it was! The pad feels great! Feels a lot like the floating d-pads on the Mad Catz SF4 FightPads. Very responsive. Also, I didn't remove EITHER of the ribbons that run from the...
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    Anatomy Of An F200 D-pad Mod

    I know this is old news, but it is new to me! Soon as I saw what Gruso did and watched his youtube vids (yesterday), I knew I HAD to do this. My F200 has been collecting dust since like a week after I bought it when it was 1st released, because I could not STAND the "d-pad". Today after...
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    Wiz Update

    Thanks for the prompt reply! I tried clicking on the youtube vid links that would show said buttons, but they are 404''d. Any pics you can link me too? Also, if I preorder from the GP2x store, I would definitely get the new button layout model? EDIT: Never mind...found ED's thread about teh...
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    Wiz Update

    Hey guys, long time no see! :lol: I read on the Wiki that the delay was to ditch the right side d-pad/buttons and institute some proper buttons. Is this true? If so, I'm ready to jump on board! Also, will the Wiz be compatible with the GP2X cradle I have? Will GPH be releasing a new...
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    New Gp2x With Keyboard? [Fake]

    That D-Pad looks promising....
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    Grieving For The Gp2x

    To those who are trying to get one before their gone, I highly suggest picking up the cradle (if they are still available) and some of those SNES USB adapters at There is no other portable system that can do TV-Out multiplay like the GP2X/Cradle combo. That ALONE is worth the...
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    I Hate The F-200 D Pad !

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    Mame 0.34 Rom Sets

    Ditto, but I just need the romset....kthxbai! :ph34r:
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    Keyboard Feedback

    I say lose the keyboard. It's too much. You could always USB a keyboard if/when you needed to use it.
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    F200 + Official Cradle

    The cool thing with the F200 (and I believe the MKII's also) is that it can power the cradle independently of any power source! It might drain your batts a little faster but its great for multiplayer or impulse TV-Outing on the go! Plus u only need to bring the AC adapter for your system rather...
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    Eigertec Easy Access Leather Case Released

    I don't know if you guys know this or not, but if you can find a carrying case for the original GBA (widebody, not SP or Micro), you'll find that your GP2X fits PERFECTLY and SNUG in them! Chances are it'll be dirt cheap too! :D Something like this: Plus you have room for extra cards, a...
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    Pocketsnes 6.4.2 By Headoverheels

    Rivroner, is there anyway you could implement a button config like PicoDrive has? I'm still having the mapping issue with actual SNES pads that I detailed in the 6.3 release post. I have an F200 if that matters or not. Any suggestions?
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    Pocketsnes V6.3 F200 By Headoverheels anyone else having a problem with the button config when using USB pads? I'm using the Retrousb SNES adapters with actual SNES Pads, and they work great for everything else BUT PocketSNES (I know, right? lol...but srsly tho...). Whether I set the config to 'Normal' or 'Swapped', when...