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    So Where's Everyone Physically Located Anyway?

    I'm the only one in my country with a GP2X. I live in Oman.
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    Wifi And The Gp2x

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    Port: Statagus

    I thought you needed a mousez0rz for it. <_<
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    Squidgsnes Not Saving

    Is it opensource? Where can I get the source.. His page is down.
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    GP2X Puzzle Game Construction Set

    Can I join? I want my C++ skills to help :P.
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    Squidgsnes Not Saving

    So anyone know a friggin' fix :( ?
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    Squidgsnes Not Saving

    Squidgesnes main menu or game menu? Please elaborate. So after saving I leave the game on for a whole minute? (The same thing is happening with gpfce :( )
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    Squidgsnes Not Saving

    Squidgesnes ain't saving for me. Save state works perfectly it's the SRAM that isn't. Everytime I load a game my save is gone. I'm using version 0.391 (the latest). Is there anything I have to do. Firmware ver: 2.1.0
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    GP2X Dangerous Linux Hacking Code

    I'm not much of a kernel hacker so if I would paste this in the start of my code (in main() ) then I won't have to do any other MMU hacking? Thanks for your awesome code. You change the meaning to opensource :P.