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    Age Profile Of Gp2x Members

    28, damn, some of you are too young to have played 2d 16bit games when there were out! What do you like in them...
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    Role Playing Games

    Don't forget classic like: Crystalis (nes,gameboycolor) destiny of a emperor (nes) magic of scheherazade (nes) king's bounty (genesis) inindo way of the ninja (snes) double dungeon (pc engine)
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    Here it was madness, kids everywere...
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    Nba Jam For Mamegp2x 3.2

    try the genesis and snes nba jam series, nba tournement and hang time is not bad!
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    GP2X Hd On Gp2x

    why, is it the bit rate or the format!
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    Streetfighter 3 On Gp2x

    yes there was openkombat on mugen, it was a mortal kombat clone with normal people who scan then self!
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    Streetfighter 3 On Gp2x

    This is to good to be true! the first thing i ask in this forum after buying a gp2x was is porting mugen on the gp2x possible. OpenMugen is dead and it tooks to much ram, i think it needed 256 to work! Make a demo and if it work i donate for sure! The mugen engin wasn't perfect put when the...
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    Leasure Suit Larry...?

    its a bit like the amiga 2000 to 4000 series, but a bit less powerfull. The atari st was a bit like a 386 ibm pc, it look like a mac classic. (ok i don't realy know what i'm saying) But its got alot of fun games like last ninja series, sabre team and...
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    GP2X Hd On Gp2x

    I know 1080p can't be done :D , but maybe 720p xvid or 480p(848x480). with a bit of overclocking, it be fun to feed a hd source in a plasma screen! i'm been downloading alot of hd (its easier to find REAL hd on internet then on tv :huh: ) and i would like to drop some in my super gp2x! God...
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    Leasure Suit Larry...?

    There are on the atari st emu outcast(isn't it a great emu), with police quest, space quest, hero quest... they play fine fullscreen and fullspeed!
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    The first charge is important, watch out, read on batteries how much time it take to full charge and look on the charger timer. I got first duracell batteries 2500 1,2v nimh and charge then with a energizer charger(nimh & nicd), the energizer charger got a 15 hour timer and the batteries needed...
  12. E Closes Down

    The last thing i bought from sony was the original playstation console in 96, the fist edition. Sony games are cool, its the 'i want to make the biggest profit i can' even if they are already the biggest game company out there! Imagine a world with only one or two consoles... oops! where almost...
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    What Were You Most Looking Forward To

    4gb of fullspeed nes, genesis, neogeo, atari st, mame games and Animes series on the subway (Burst angel and gunslinger lately). Still hoping for the psx to work! Perfect Snes is almost there, my mk1 at 285 with mmu hack and ram timing = perfect speed for some game(super punch out is great)...
  14. E Closes Down

    GRRRRRRRRR, I SEE RED! :angry: blasphemy! Sony don't make me swim to japan, i'll send godp2xzilla get you! :lol:
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    How Many People Still Prefer The Gp32 To Gp2x

    I don't have a gp32 so can't vote! i can understand people that have a gp32 don't need to buy a gp2x because its better but its not like twice as good! Like i wont buy the xpg or mini because it won't be that much better then the gp2x! But the big issue for me is space; 128mb for gp32, 4gb for...
  16. E Closes Down

    I wish i could hate sony more now but i can't... it would be humanly impossible to hate a company more then i hate sony and thats before i read this post! Who do you think kill sega anyway, the moment the sega dreamcast was out, sony flooded north America game news with fake release dates for...
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    I Went Over To The Dark Side... Got A Dslite + 1gig Flashcart

    Do you know were i can get a EWin2 miniSD/SD cart! it's very cheep and i looked everywhere.
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    Great Gba Games!

    The 3 castlevania games are very cool, psx sotn like!
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    New Gp2x 275mhz Units!

    sorry! i was in shock.
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    275 Mhz Gp2x's At Gbax

    Can we change the processor, is it thinkable or just a really stupid question. :D Like cutting the chip legs off then take the same arm process but faster. Like a big mod chip job! btw: i'm actually serious!