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    Rediscovering Gp32

    I'm still using my gp32, even though I now have a PSP. The homebrew stuff on the gp32 is so much better and most of it out performs the same homebrew on the PSP. For example, the sega emulators on the PSP do not come close to the performance of DrMD on the gp32. :D
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    GP2X Homeworld Port Possible!

    I believe the PSP would probably be able to do it, although you would need to cut the number of units on screen.
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    Opinion On Gp32 And Gp2x

    Heres my 2 cents.. Keep yer gp32 and get a PSP!! I'm sure that I will get flamed for saying this but the PSP is awesome. I've got my gp32 for MAME, genesis and all that other good stuff and the PSP for wipeout pure.
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    Why Should We Buy This Gpx2?

    We already have a lot of good stuff available on the gp32. If all that happens is that this stuff is ported to the gpx2, I will be sticking with my gp32. No point in paying for a new console which plays the same stuff as the one you already have. However, if they get it to emulate the following...
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    Frontpage Topic Overlap

    Well, it was working but it appears to be broken again.. :(
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    I Broke My Lcd

    Your best bet if something like this happens is to wait until the gpx2 is released and then by a gp32 blu nice and cheap off ebay..
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    Drmd Version 3.0

    YES!!!!!!! woohoo!! :D
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    Mame Gp32 1.7

    Hows the sound on this version? Has anyone tried playing Galaxian on it?
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    Uk Release, Yeah Sure, Whatever!

    While we are talking PSP, any word on what Sony have done with the new firmware. I heard that they were going to lock down the console with v2.0 firmware and that it would prevent homebrew stuff from working. :angry: Oops, ignore - just read the above!!
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    Frontpage Topic Overlap

    Agreed. Personally, I still think that the GPX2 posts should go into the "other consoles" section (prepares for flaming :P )
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    Scared Or Uninterested

    I don't know of such a list. One way to do it would be for people to just email you when they see that a new version has been released. What would be even better is if the devs themselves could email you when they release new versions of their emus..
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    Scared Or Uninterested

    One other thing that I noticed was that the GPMAME version number needs to be updated to 1.6. Other than that, it all looks good.. RatchetMan
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    Scared Or Uninterested

    Yes, you should probably make it appear in the same style as the "Menu" button.
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    Scared Or Uninterested

    I can't agree with this. I signed up, logged on and was modifying the status of Mame games in less than a minute..
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    Scared Or Uninterested

    I think its mainly because of number 1. For example, I doubt that there are a great many people still using fgen32 when this has clearly been overtaken by drmd. Number 3 could also be a factor. (In fact, your post reminded me, as I have been meaning to sign on to your site). Maybe the kind...
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    Please Report Mame Gp32 1.6 Bugs !

    The sound in Galaxian is now clipped when you destroy alien ships. This is a new problem in version 1.6 and has not been a problem prior to 1.6. The music in Frogger plays too quickly. This is still a problem in 1.6 but has been a problem since version 1.2.
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    Quick Question About Speed

    Unless you have specific documentation from GamePark Holdings which states that they are going to be packaging a full speed SNES emu with the GPx2, then this is bad advice. It will take several months before homebrew emus start to appear for the GPx2.
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    Quick Question About Speed

    hmm, perhaps you should read this:- :angry:
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    Descent Program

    Apparently I hear that these are all in the works. There are also plans to port the Unreal 3 engine as well. This, in addition with a planned wireless upgrade for the gp32, will ensure seamless multiplayer action between the gp32 and Xbox 2. :P
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    Mame Wish List

    General wish list item to benifit all: A favourites list would be good, like you have on MAME32. By pressing a button when a game is highlighted on the main list, you could add it to your favourites list. This way you could build up a personalised list of games and would not need to scroll...