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    i think the only positive i can think of is that it looks like good exercise.. edit: scratch that, its the dumbest thing i've ever seen.
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    Boomshine2x Gameplay Video

    it looks great already! it also looks smoother than extender did on my pc, hehe. are you planning to implement the feature where the screen turns a different colour when you've made the requisite explosions? either way, this is great stuff.
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    Gp2x-msx: Msx Emulator For Gp2x V1.0.1

    hahaha this is fantastic. adding a bunch of shiny new emulators to the gp2x's roster, and then going to the trouble of answering seemingly every question?! (and there are a lot of them) good job :D
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    A Better Fw 3.0

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    i used to play mancala quite a lot! it was on this "games of the world" cd i had as a child. i remember it as being really good. is it similar to backgammon?
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    Made The Classic Mistake Of Showing A Dumb Arse My Gp2x

    oh man, i love/hate it when people say stuff like this. XD
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    Working On A Dynarec For Gpsp For The Gp2x

    this is awesome, since i just got back into ttdx. will it support ttdpatch? or are you using the openttdx project?
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    Music In 2006

    o.O 2006 was okay. i have a pretty bad idea of time, so i'm not sure when 2005 ended in terms of what i was listening to.. but i've got into romanticism (rachmaninoff, debussy, ravel, a bit of tchaikovsky maybe?) oh and JS Bach, i also started getting into latin jazz and salsa in a big way...
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    I Ordered A Gp2x And I'm Feeling At A Loss

    yup. i myself have had no problems with them, i've always found them to be helpful and stuff.
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    man, i love(d) TTD so much on the PC, and was so excited to have it on GP2X. although CPS2 might be more widely lauded in the scene?
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    'wind And Water' Progress!

    sounds reasonable :) also, if you release a demo and people have to wait a while, there might be talk of the dreaded vapourware. :lol:
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    Stupid Cat

    i doubt it... it has fur, right? :lol: it would probably just get really really cold..
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    No More 275mhz Units?

    jesus alex, calm down. it's $30 or whatever. i mean seriously. some of you get so riled up in these posts it's just hilarious :lol:
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    Game On Exhibition, Science Museum, London

    last time, i wasn't really into retro games that much, so i skipped most of the machines... >< but i'll go this time. although i did manage to find a SNES running that rare gundam fighting game, which was fun, and River City Ransom..
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    Game On Exhibition, Science Museum, London

    i don't think space invaders is about to start any riots :lol:
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    Watch This, Report Back.

    i've never understood why the church does this. they take the new testament almost entirely as fact (ie, jesus dying for our sins and other related stories), and kind of look past the old testament. maybe it's down to personal belief? it's just, when some people take something literally and...
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    Watch This, Report Back.

    i like that it says "FOX FACTS" at the bottom of the screen :P
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    The Last Meal You Made

    i just made an awesome sandwich. bread, tomato/olive paste (antipasto thing i think), tuna, sweetcorn, and some thai chilli crab sauce on the other bread. delicious, and great for waking me up after school xD
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    Some News Of Things To Come...

    i understand that psx games usually ran at about 30fps and less, but wasn't the illusion of smoothness created by the sort of "blurring" effect in-between frames of CRT TVs? and wouldn't that be hard to recreate on the GP2x? or am i being stupid :P
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    Flashplayer2x V0.2

    does nanaca crash work? :ph34r: