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    Tekken 3 for PS

    So I finally got around to getting some fighting games set up on my pandy. Sadly though Tekken 3, the one I played most as a child, doesn't run full speed at all. It runs fine at the main menu and the opening scene, but choosing a character, and in the fight lag like mad. I'm clocked to 850mhz...
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    Valkyrie Profile for PS

    Anybody have Valkyrie Profile running well? It's a bit buggy. I managed to fix the slowdowns by setting the frameskip to 2 in the GPU plugin settings, but I'm still getting weird video errors. Sometimes the display will either pause or go black. The game will still be running just fine, but...
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    L2 and R2 buttons

    Has anyone tried to get the L2 R2 buttons working? Looking at the Hardware Hacking Manual it looks pretty easy to get them working. It looks like it's as easy as soldering an SPST button to the board. The hard part would be modding the case to make room for the buttons. Has any body tried this yet?
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    Linking Desktop folder to SD Card

    So I was trying to set up my Desktop to function like a regular desktop, but I didn't want the files stored on the NAND so I was going to set up a link to my SD card. The problem is that every time I delete the /home/<username>/Desktop folder it immediately recreates it leaving me no time to...
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    Pandora makes strange sounds.

    So I noticed the other night when it was really quiet that my pandora makes small ticking noises. Is this the processor? And I also noticed that when I start a video in VLC it makes a sound somewhat similar to a degauss when the video first starts, What causes this noise?
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    Unable to rip PS disc.

    So whenever I try to run the command from it just tells me "WARNING: Unit not ready, still trying..." over and over again. The disc shows up as nothing to linux, completely unable to mount it. Am I doing something wrong?
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    ODROID There's no shoulder buttons, it looks way too big to be comfortable in your pocket. You have to take out the battery to put in the SD...
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    Right Speaker has gone out...

    Gah... Third thread in support today... I hate life :angry: My right speaker no longer works. It was working one second and the next it wasn't... I tested it with Input tester and with a music file. I've tried rebooting and taking out the battery for 10minutes. Nothing. Anyone else had this...
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    Shift no longer drags windows

    So when I try to drag a window with the Shift key it doesn't work... It worked up until today, and I have no idea what would have triggered it to stop working... Is there a setting or a conf file somewhere so I can reenable it? It shouldn't be a problem, but it might be necessary some day.
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    Super Mario 64 Lags...

    So I can't get Super Mario64 to a playable speed. I've tried the oldest and the newest version of Mupen64 on the file archive, but they lag equally. I'm seeing other people post that it runs full speed without frameskip, so surely I'm just missing something.. I've tried setting frame skip all...
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    Nub not working as Mouse after running PCSX

    This wasn't happening earlier, but now every time I quit PCSX my nub wont move the mouse. I can still left/right click with the other nub, but I can't move the mouse. If I restart it fixes it. Any idea what's causing this?
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    How do you Overclock Specific programs?

    Okay, I know I've seen this somewhere before, but now that I'm trying to do it I cant find it... How do you set the clock speed for individual applications?
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    Quick Question

    I would like the shift key to be sticky so I don't have to hold it down. The same way the Fn key works. Is this possible?
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    Weird Video Glitch in Linux Mint

    So I occasionally get a weird glitch with youtube videos. When I close the window the video will remain underneath everything and show through anything that is black. Text will become slightly discolored, and anything that is true black will have the video showing instead of black. As long as...
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    Disk Failure Is Imminent

    NOOOOOO! So I'm using 2 Seagate HDDs I bought from Newegg a few years ago, and just a few minute ago Disk Utility(ubuntu) just popped up telling me that the one that houses my Win7 install is failing. It says there are 2734 bad sectors, what errors would this cause? And how long do you think I...
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    SD Cards and Disk Utility Question

    So two SD cards that I ordered just came in today, and the first thing I wanted to do was benchmark both of them just out of curiosity. I completely erased the drive and then tried to benchmark with Disk Utility(Ubuntu), but it failed saying that there was still a partition table. So I tried...
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    Just ordered and I have a couple questions

    I just ordered my Pandora and I can't wait! I first heard about the Pandora back in 2009, but didn't have enough money to buy something I didn't know when I'd receive it. So I went with a Dingoo A320 instead. Blech. But a couple weeks ago when I found out that you could simply order them I...