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    Fully Loaded Pandora

    This Pandora is one of the first few Hundred that was assembled. It has some of the dreaded general errors that those first units had. The screen bezel pops up in the middle, and one of the shoulder buttons pops out in an awkward way. Basically I wanted to return this or send it in to get fixed...
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    This emulator was showcased in ed's videos countless times, where can I get the pnd file? :D
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    I Purchased A Screen Protector Almost A Year Ago

    It stinks. I don't see any expiry date on this... It's the spray that came with an archos505 screen protector from ZAGG. Anyone ever had this stuff gone bad?
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    Did Matt Ever Get His Money Back? In regards to that thread and the one before it... Did he? It was quite the drama and I skimmed through it. The third party was quite tricky and silly, but still I felt empty after finishing :P If this topic is in any way off topic to off...
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    Wtf Is This Thing? Its A Pmp That Plays Snes And Psp Games.... Wtf? Hu Quoted from the auction, either this guy is lieing, or his account has been taken over by a third party. This doesnt seem to be the case though, As I work for eBay so I know how fast auctions are taken down when listed under a third...
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    My Little Gp2x Broke Xd

    So, after about 1/2 a year or whenever this thing was first released is how long it lasted for me. Not very long.. Oh well. It was fun little gp2x, but your scrap metal now as your damn power switch is broken, or its something else. If you guys want to know what happened to it, it is the same...
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    Is The Tapwave Zodiac Good For Drawing?

    I dont want to sign up on another board, so is the zodica good with its touch screen? How is the relitivity, and speed of it? I might buy one for that purpose and movies. The gp2x cant run my movies without encoding, it still freezes with my 200mb ones xD Anyways... For anyone who has a...
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    Gp2x Usb Almost Works

    So after upgrading teh firmware I tried out the usb connection since I thought 'finally i dont have to use my parents digi-camera for xfering files'. It works fine.. Except for the fact that you cant access any sub folders. You can access folders from the main H:/, but when you try to open up a...
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    Does Any1 Have The Gp32 Bootup Sounds?

    I searched google but only brang up stuff about how annoying it was. Well anyway, does anyone have any sound files that have The korean jingle, or the aqua fish bootup sounds? Id love to use one or the other as my bootup sound for the gp2x ^^ Thankyee~
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    I Fixed My Gp2x.. But Will There Be An Alternate Updater?

    So you know how I told you about my gp2x having a capacitor replaced with a resistor instead? Well I recently went to my school and got myself a capacitor. A very nice one Id have to say.. So anyways, well I unsoldered the little resistor and replaced it with the capacitor. [I was itching to...
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    Can The Sd Card Overheat?

    Well I have come to the conclusion that my gp2x's SD card overheats sometimes orsomething along those lines. I notice when my gp2x froze at one point and then when I tried to boot it several times it froze. I then booted it without the SD card in and it worked fine after I pushed it in on the...
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    If I Install 1.0.1 Fw Apps

    I dont know if the battery indicator is part of the apps or w/e but i found that the 1.0.1 applications are better than 1.4. If I install the apps will the battery indicator still work? Simple/quick question thanks..
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    Selecting The Best Battery Pack

    Ok so I was looking at a thread and some guy boguht a psp battery pack with like 3k mah or something and modded it for the gp2x. Then he said he bought a 7200 mah one. I want to get a really high capacity one too but that site doesnt deliver to Canada. Ebay I dont know what to search for...
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    Little Resistor Detached

    There is a small resistor that fell out but I dont know how to put the fellow back in safely.. Ill circle it in this picture. >resize the image please ... you broke the forum's frame< Could this be a problem or something? I just want to know if this resistor has a very big purpose and if its...
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    Is It Me Or.. Theres Alot Of Problems With Video P

    Ok, so I got the old 1.01 MPlayer and I thought meh.. Lets try some stuff out I clicked on install_mplayer.gpe blah blah... went back to my gp2x mplayer and it still was the new version.. So I went back in and opened mplayer101.gpe and it loaded up the old mplayer o.O Played some vids various...
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    Where Can I Buy Battery Springs

    Well I myself hate those stupid clip thingies that hold in the batteries.. Ive dropped my gp2x like 5 times already and they get dented in and when you undent them they shear up and well yeah.. Both of mine have already snapped off and I just resoldered them a few times, but every week I need...
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    I have a PDF named how to draw manga: Folds.pdf in the format adobe acrobat 7.0 or w/e. the filesize is 9mbish How long would this file take to load with pdfview? Will it load? Or do I have to put the version lower in the pdf. Hope someone can help. Thanks ^^
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    I Want To Downgrade My Video Player

    Whats the best version of video player that the gp2x has? My 1.4 is screwed up and freezes every 3 minutes. Same thing happens with my music player function after about 2 hours of play. Ive got a solution to the mp3 player, [oldplay] So does anyone got a link or something that has 1.01 video...
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    Strange Encounters With Sd Cards

    Here is my little story ^^ 1.) Bought a 1gb Ultra II sandisk from [payed $110] 2.) Sd card formated it to fat32 put some stuff on. 3.) Gp2x froze any time I would put the puppy in. 4.) Tried formatting it with Digi cam, came out with 9gb of corruption every time. 5.) Returned it [ took...
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    First Legit 'offer' Site I Found This is a website where you pretty much earn a small amount of money for doing simple tasks such as surveys. Ive made like 5$ so far in like 30minutes heh. Heres some proof of payment. The site is growing and it looks promising ^^...