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    Release Gunfight

    Just uploaded Gunfight, a one or two player western shooter game. A mini Quiz: What is the name of the movie?
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    How to format the description in the PMXL.xml?

    I would like to have the description for the PND formatted to make the text that shows up in the repo to be more readable. Is there a way to add linefeeds into the decription? I have noticed that most releases on the repo does have either the text in one big section, or as a very short...
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    running linux arm executables on Pandora

    I have some projects made with the Hollywood programming language, and wanted to give them a test to see if I could run it on my Pandora. I compilie it for linux arm, but the executables does not run. I set the file to executable in the file properties, but I only get "no such file or directory"...
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    Cracked LCD, replacement not in stock

    I havent been using my Pandore for a while now, and decided it was time to take it out of the box. It was ok the last time I used it, and to my surprise the LCD was cracked even if it had been in the protective carry case all the time. Time to get a replacement, but unfortunately at...
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    cannot install xev

    I read that xev should be installable with opkg install xev But when trying that from the console I first do the opkg update, and then I get three error messages, "unzip: Invalid gzip magic" Next I try opkg install xev and I get "opkg_install_cmd: cannot install package xev" Has this...
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    [solved] Google Play - no connection error

    Just want to share this in case anyone else encounters this issue. I suddenly got this problem that google play refused to connect, only showing the retry option, at the same time all other apps worked with internet. I tried to update the app from 3.10.14  to 4.0.27, but this didnt help. I...
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    wifi state detection

    I looks like in xfce it doesnt always detect the correct state of the wifi. When I start the pandora, wiif is off. Click the "enable wifi" and if turns on, and then when wifi is on the same menu will change to "disable wifi". Starting android, (regardless if the wifi is on or off in xfce...
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    Linphone audio

    I set up Linphone to use my voipbuster account, and it does work by calling to other phones. But I get no audio, not on the pandora or at the phone I call to. Have anyone managed set it up to work properly, to call to a real phone line?
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    touch and hold delay

    Very often I find that when I tap one icon to launch an app, gingerbread thinks I want to edit it. I suscpect the reason is that my tapping is detected as a touch and hold. But it must be set to a very short time, because sometimes it happens several times in a row. My touch screen seem to...
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    sound recording failed

    I did try to use the sound recorder app that comes with android. But it didnt work, and stopped responding. Is the sound input hardware recognized at all by android on the pandora, or have anyone made the mic work with other apps?
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    Storage space

    I did initially set up android with 1.5GB file, and I have a 2GB sdcard in my left slot. In the "installed apps" it shows that I have 1.5GB in total for the internal storage, and memory card shows 2gb. I was then expecting to see the 1.5gb mounted as sdcard and the left sdcard as sdcard2, OR...
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    part of screen not working

    I just received my pandora 1Ghz yesterday. I noticed that there was a new firmware available (1.54) so I got that updated before starting to use the unit. But I notice there is a small part of the left side of the screen that is completely black. This is probably 10-15 pixels or so that is not...
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    Pandora production statistics

    For those, like myself, who still avaits their Pandora, it would be nice to know how many units thats have been made so far. I have read many news about one more hundred made and so on, but I have lost the count long time ago. So what about a thread only for summarizing shipped units? I...