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    Psp 1.5 Exploit Released

    1.5 "Exploit" (or SwapLoit as described in the PDF) is OUT!!!! Requires 2 MS's and swapping the sticks at the right time, as well as some "jiggery pokery" - get it here: Good luck everybody! Sorry to post this for the third time here.....
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    For Sale - Neogeo Pocket Colour Blue

    In Box, v. good condition. Don't know what its worth. Includes 1 Game (Neo Geo Soccer 98) & 3 empty game cases (Dark Realms, Metal Slug, Bubble Bobble(?)) (Buyer gets first refusal on games if/when I find them) Anbody interested? Argon0
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    70mb Downlaod For Adic2004

    Is anybody hosting this still? I'd quite like to get it instead of downloading each one separately.... Sorry It seems my inbuilt spellcheck has a problem spelling download atm...
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    OK, I've played the game - finished both of the first two episodes (on gp32_console , something I never managed on PC or PS1) and now I'm stuck. Started Inferno, but what do you do? I've Googled but the closest I get is: "Hit the switch in front of you at the start." WHAT SWITCH - all I see...
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    Gp Quake

    Wow... Not having played Quake at all before I have to say I'm blown away!!! It surely has to be more than 5-6 fps though as it runs so smoothly... I think I've got the full version ... is it just 2 .PAK files? or should there be more (i.e. have I got the full or the shareware version)...
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    Last Resort - Fenix Game

    Nice, bit short, completed it on my second go.... Bring on more missions... Could you make it so that you could charge the Ball at the same time as shooting... Argon0
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    From GPZIGI I followed a link entitled OpenSnes 0.3 to a conversation at Yaronet, and a posting by "Toasteur" who seems to have spoken to Yoyofr via MSN... link: Gist of post seems to be that the new version will use the asm core, but has a 3mb ROM...
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    Tie Break Tennis

    On a BLU with EuroFirmware. I've tried GPFM, YAFL, but can't download Wind-Ups to give it a go. Hayelp...
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    Emulated Scrabble

    Is there any emulator which has a Decent Scrabble game on it? There is an official Scrabble game on the Megadrive - which I can't get to work on any of the emulators (yet), is there one available on any of the other platforms (oh, I did come across one on the ST - which was bit tricky to play...
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    Feedback To Developpers

    One of the problems with Feedback is that people seem to prefer to give feedback in Fora, instead of E-mailing the developpers (I know I do) - so we can see what other people have said (and, hopefully, not repeat other stuff). Problem with Fora is that they soon disappear off of the front page...
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    Very Cool Blu ... But...

    Hokay, GBAX just replaced my GP32 for the 4th time (I have had some issues...) - I must say Best Customer Service Ever. But some of the software I had on my FLU doesn't seem to work: 1) GPCinema 2) Gloop DX 3) Pinball Dreams 4) Tie Break Tennis Now 1), 2) and 3) I can understand (I guess its...
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    A Quiz For All You Retro Heads Out There...

    Just came across this Excel picture quiz which has a goodly selection of Console's over the years - you have to name them... The first one is from 1972!! - a MagnaVox Odysssey - anybody got an emulator for that? The quiz is at - right near the...
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    Topic Subscriptions

    Not sure if it ever was, but I thought any topic I replied to would auto-subscribe - don't seem to be thought! Quite irritating when I want to go back to a topic... Argon0
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    OK, I may well be being stupid (not having the copy of BOR that I originally downloaded to hand) BUT: Where are the instructions for BOR - including - what are the controls... Was reading up about Streets of Rage (no real reason) and it mentions various different moves (up to 40?), how do you...
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    Replacement Gp32

    Last Friday my GP32s screen failed - right hand quarter of screen just went White, and stayed that way... So I e-mailed GBAX and they told me to sent it back to them (its about 7 months old), I had my replacement by Wedneday!!!! Stupendous Service by Craig and Debs, etc... Only one thing...
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    Another Fried Gp32

    MY GP32 is F***@d... The right hand quarter of the screen is not working at all!!! I've not modded it in anyway at all, at all, at all... Usually run it at 156MHz (when I overclock at all...).... Any body else had anything similar? AAAARRRRGGON0
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    Fpk Files

    Hmm - well, yes I know I could install them with PCLink - but I've not got a link cable with me, and have got an SMC card reader (I'd rather use that anyway!)... I seem to remember reading somewhere that there was a PC program to turn these into fxe's and thought that DarkFader was mentioned in...
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    Opensnes Compatibility List <erm> I've got a load of Roms that I'm trying out on OpenSnes - it seems that 90%+ are working... I'm putting my results up on the above site... My biggest problem is that I don't know/can't remember controls for most of them.. Any idea where you...
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    Gpcinema Ff Woes

    :( <arse> I think I have come across a problem with GPCine.. Dunno if anyone else has had it, and if so is there a way around it except splitting films up... OK, what's the problem? I hear you cry... When I get to a certain point in a film (always about 1 hr 20 minutes) I can no longer Fast...
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    Huh- ADIC Competition Downloads

    How comes you can only download 21 ADIC entries - what's happened to the other 30?? Or am I just being stupid ..... I quite wanted to have a look at Krazy Karting, amongst others.... Argon0