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    Those Round Things

    hello pandora fans, a friend of mine showed me the render of this console when it was first doing the rounds, then I forgot all about it. now i've seen the latest actual working prototypes i can't wait to get one! very impressive and very exciting to see a device designed by the community...
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    Bbc Micro & Bob

    if anyone has got a BOB could they let us know if USB keyboard support is working in Beebem2x? thanks, rooster
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    Bbc Micro: Your Top 5

    With the release of Beebem2x I'm getting back into a lot of the old BBC titles on my GP2X naturally.. What I want to know is... If you had an BBC/Electron back in the day, What are your top 5 BBC/Electron games of all time??? If I may start the ball rolling: 1. Drain Mania (Icon) 2. Chuckie...
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    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can help me with this: bg_scroll_data = SDL_CreateRGBSurface(SDL_SWSURFACE,1000,1000,32,r_mask, g_mask, b_mask,a_mask); It's working fine on Windows, when the GP2X hits the line above it's quitting. I'm using the official devkit. All my other code has...
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    High Resolution Timer

    How can I implement a higher resolution timer than the 1ms SDL_GetTicks ? thanks, rooster
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    Gp2x Built In Mp3 Player

    Anyone noticed crazy things going on with the STEREO on the built in GP2X mp3 player? I've tried firmwares v2.0, v2.1 and v2.1.1 which supposedly cures various issues with "the mono channel dragging"... While I'm listening to certain tunes I find the stereo switching (wrongly) all over the...
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    Mame & Gngeo Sharing Rom Folder

    Is there an easy way to get MAME and GnGeo to share the same ROM folder? I don't know how to do this and I don't like duplicating geo roms as some are obviously quite big! thanks, rooster
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    Paeryn's Hw Libsdl & Official Sdk

    Can anyone tell me how to install Paeryn's HW libSDL for use with the official SDK ??? I want to use HW surfaces in my drumbox app but I don't know where I should put files or what compiler settings if any I should change. Thanks for your time - this one is driving me crazy! rooster
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    Drumbox 0.1a

    Here is v0.1a of my GP2X drum machine 'drumbox', it's got 10 ch. 44.1khz 16 bit sound and it's ultimately meant to be a serious music app rather than a dick-around toy, although its early days so it's a bit more like the latter atm :P download it here, then start russling up some tasty...
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    App That Runs Via Telnet Won't Run On Pc

    Hi, I've compiled my app and it runs fine from the PC's hard drive mounted over samba. However, when I try to run the files from the GP2X's SD the app quits to the menu immediately. Does anyone know any common reasons for this sort of thing happening? Thanks, Rooster