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    Sold: Selling my Open Pandora 1GHZ

    I'm having a bit of clean up of all my devices as I really have too much of this stuff lying around. I have a Pandora 1Ghz which I really like but find I am not really using. It could probably use a better home. The Pandora is working perfectly and in good condition. THe battery is also in...
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    Autorun Application

    Hi, I like Mame so much on my gp2x that I would like it to start as soon as I turn on my gp2x. Anyone know how I can actually do this? thx!
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    Firmware Upgrade Question

    Hi, Maybe a stupid question, but before I apply the firmware upgrade do I in fact have to unstall the SDL Libraries first??? thx. :unsure:
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    Yiks Gp2x Dead?

    Hi, Just got my gp2x 2 days ago. was working fine at first. Then I used the MAME emulator and it crashed. swtiched-off and on again. But got nothing but some colored verticals lines on the screen. Not working at all now. removed SD card, batteries, no help. No longer starts up. It would...