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  1. ghostpatch

    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

    Thank you and the people involved for your awesome work! Nice video! I'm very happy with the project, good job! : ) The case looks very good to me. I don't care if its painted or not. Its robust thats enough to make me happy! In my opinion the imperfections in the colour add to their character...
  2. ghostpatch

    being tormented by "the cloud"

    being tormented by "the cloud"
  3. ghostpatch

    Even more to see here (now)

    @azouls Thanks for explaining the "cost". It's important that you know about it to make a good decision. The more knowledge you accumulate about all sorts of stuff the better! I personally wouldn't support a glowing Pyra due to my concern of the extra unnecessary environmental and health impact...
  4. ghostpatch

    Is it ok to distribute an OS with a passwordless ssh root access... ?

    no, thats irresponsible. I'd stay away from any distribution adopting such security practices -.- @Elw3 unless you throw it a DMZ network you should care about the crap in your home network...
  5. ghostpatch

    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    @EvilDragon I'm one of those who preordered and I'm still happy with the project! I trust that you act in the best interest of the idea/project and that is all I need to continue to support you and your team! I don't really care about 2GB or 4GB. Either is fine for me and if you decide to...
  6. ghostpatch

    Moving along

    heaving a 1st run with 2GB Pyras only sounds like a good decision to me. More people would get their hands on Pyras and could start playing, testing, porting, bebugging etc. I ordered a 4GB model but I would gladly switch to a 2GB model in that case : ) I also hope to buy a clear case as well! : )
  7. ghostpatch

    I'm out of ideas for news-titles

    I preordered a Pyra with 4 gigs but honestly I don't care. 2 gigs are perfectly fine. A stable unit is more valuable to me! I want to voice out that I'm very happy with this project and the Pyra is still the most anticipated tech thingy for me. Its gonna be so much fun : )
  8. ghostpatch

    Quite a bit for you to read!

    I'm placed in the fist 100 pre-orders. The mmc cap is no big deal to me. I'm fine with either solution, using the old cpu pcb or buying one or two additional unpopulated pcb's!
  9. ghostpatch

    I'm worried about the Pyra's market performance.

    the Pyra might not be the best device if you only care about gaming. In my opinion the Pyra gives you a really nice base for doing all kinds of projects or applications with it. I wouldn't have preordered it just for gaming. I don't even know if I'll ever play something on it. Don't get me...
  10. ghostpatch

    Narita Boy

    thanks man, looks like I really love that video game. The art style is fantastic. I had to back it of course. Hope the artbook turns out to be awesome... : )
  11. ghostpatch

    Update SuperZaxxon v1.74

    works without any issues for me. Thanks man! : )
  12. ghostpatch

    It's yummy. But you can't eat it!

    Tankz, awesome video! I love that thing xD It will fit in my pocket too, no probleme there. The transparent case looks really really nice : ) Plz take your time to tweak the hell out of it. She'll have a looooong live span, so everybody will benefit from it!
  13. ghostpatch

    Email Client - Request for Recommendation

    yep go for Claws Mail. For a second choice take a look at Thunderbird.
  14. ghostpatch

    Not everything is as fast as planned

    I think Wayland updates the screen only when an application notifies it about a graphical change (cuz programs render directly in GPU. Then the compositing manager reads form RAM and draws on the screen). Isn't that basically the same effect like using X in command mode + that library but...
  15. ghostpatch

    Smach Z will pose some serious competition to the Pyra

    pfff the Smach Z is only for gaming... nice thingy though for those who want nothing more than gaming. The only thing I use for that purpose is my PC.. Don't care about mobile gaming. I'm getting a Pyra for different reasons. Maybe a fun game here and there... I'll see.. your thread is...
  16. ghostpatch

    Heavy Metal

    very nice pics! : ) Does anyone know which type of stainless steal is being used? A special type maybe, or is that irrelevant?
  17. ghostpatch

    Two preorders approaching!

    @ EvilDragon I don't mind transferring 400€. Actually that's easier for me. Can I do that? Would it help?
  18. ghostpatch

    Toxcore development boost on Indiegogo

    @Haraldur I would think that Mumble is the leading voip Skype competitor. Yeah no video but a lot of people (including me) do not like video chats. had to google Ekiga. After a quick look over their feature list, I couldn't find anything about encryption or enforcement of privacy (except proxy...
  19. ghostpatch

    Toxcore development boost on Indiegogo

    the crowdfunding campaign is to raise enough money for one month of fulltime development to get some stuff done. to make it short, Tox is an open source, peer to peer alternative to Skype. It has a stong focus on privacy and encryption and features group chats, voice and videochats and even...