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  1. SiENcE

    Python 2.5 And Gemrb

    I'm currently working on getting GemRB running on Caanoo. First shot is here running IWD1 : Before that I had to translate Python 2.5 for GemRB. So Python 2.5 run already fine on Canoo. Is anyone interested in...
  2. SiENcE

    Der Clue! für Dingoo/Dingux

    Der Clue! von 1994 von der neo Software Produktions GmbH für Dingux (Dingoo). Infos zum Spiel: Download deutsche & englische Version: Have fun. SiENcE
  3. SiENcE

    Nlove 0.7.0 Final (Love2D) For Dingoo & Caanoo

    nLove is the handheld version of LÖVE Game Engine easy game development runtime. (new) Earth Defend by redlock Cartesian Cardinal Zap - Game by jph wacheski ninwaLovePuzzlev02fix - Physic Puzzle Game by Niwa (u need keymouse) Sourcecodes for all Games are included. Download here...
  4. SiENcE

    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo Framebuffer Question

    Hey, does someone has a clue why a dump from /dev/fb0 is 24bit? I thought the Caanoo has 16bit. This is what i get ("cat /dev/db0 >output.raw"). It's 24bpp and BGR color encoded (not RGB)! Maybe it's normal, but i was expecting only 16bit. thx.
  5. SiENcE

    Dingoo A330 und Nanonote

    Hallo Leute, ich verkauf hier meine doppelten Handhelds, die ich persönlich fast nie benutzt hab. Verkaufe: Dingoo A330 + Wireless Controller Zustand: fast neuwertig (hab ich persönlich nie verwendet, da ich meinen A320 hab)
  6. SiENcE

    Noiz2Sa For Caanoo

    hi caanoo folks, today morning i did this Noiz2sa port. Have fun with this great shmup. download from my blog SiENcE^
  7. SiENcE

    Timeless Demo For Caanoo

    The Timeless Demo was released 1994 by Tran. It was the first of Tran's esoteric screensavers. It has great music, and fluid blendings. Download here:
  8. SiENcE

    nlove 0.6.2 Beta (Love2D) for Caanoo

    Will auch hier mal darauf hinweisen, dass man jetzt in Lua Games für den Caanoo entwicklen kann.
  9. SiENcE

    nlove (LÖVE) Game Engine Beta for Caanoo

    This is the first beta of the Love2D Game-Engine runtime for mobile devices (Caanoo, later Dingoo and Nanonote). It's called nlove. Howto develop Games using Love2D visit the website: You can also play this Games on Linux/Mac/Windows using the specific Love runtime. All Love...
  10. SiENcE

    Snes9X4C (For Caanoo) V20101010 - Beta Release

    nur zur Info, für alle die nicht so oft ins GP32x Board sehen:
  11. SiENcE

    Snes9X4C (For Caanoo) V20101010 - Beta Release

    First Snes9x4C release for Caanoo. Still beta 2! Whats new? ver 20101227 ------------ -improvments on standard roms + ~20% Speed -Transparency Option added (if off) + ~25% Speed -some small bugs fixed -NetPlay disabled ver 20101010 ------------ -ROM-BROWSER added *only if no ROM is...
  12. SiENcE

    Caanoo Is Calling Home (Korea)

    I dont know if anyone already knows this, but during my telnet session on Caanoo i quit the "gp2xmenu" and started an app. When i quit this app it reloads the "gp2xmenu" and it's calling an ip in Korea. Is this the drm? I exchanged all numbers with an "x"...
  13. SiENcE

    Virtual Mouse Driver For Dingux (Beta3)

    This virtual mouse driver is usuable like a real mouse in every Application that supports a mouse! You need to use my Kernel or a Kernel that supports CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT, CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV! Successfully Tested with: -DosBox (Ultima Underworld) -Exult (Ultima 7) - release soon -Pixilang...
  14. SiENcE

    Timeless Demo Ported To Dingux

    The Timeless Demo was released 1994 by Tran. It was the first of Tran's esoteric screensavers. It has great music, and fluid blendings. Download
  15. SiENcE

    Gnuboy4D (For Dingux) V1.0

    Whats New? -MENU by pressing LEFT- and RIGHT-Shoulder Buttons together (no conflicts with SELECT or START) -Screenshots for Savestates -Speed enhancements (~200mhz it runs most times @60fps) -new Scaler added (Scale2x still a bit buggy) -Savestates bugfix when loading a Savestate (other than...
  16. SiENcE

    Dingux Toolchain For Windows

    I finally finished the Dingux Toolchain for Windows. You can now code for Dingux using Windows (XP, W7 32bit, 64bit). Downloads & Instructions To all News sites: Please don't link directly to the downloads, just because without instructions this is useless. Thanks SiENcE