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    Angstrom no longer boots

    Hi. I am often running into the issue where Angstrom no longer boots (after 20% of progress bar, screen becomes black and nothing happens, or I'm no longer able to log-in). My normal solution is to re-flash hotfix 5. Is there anyway to stop this issue from cropping up? I'm getting tired of...
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    XFCE toolbar became sort of corrupted

    Since I had issues with the battery contacts (due to the battery being loose), My pandora ended up shutting down incorrectly many times, this eventually caused my xfce toolbar to become corrupted. The quickstart icons became boxes with some sort of tools in them and the pandora "start button"...
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    Pandora keeps on restarting when battery is below 50%

    Is there anyway to prevent/fix this when on the road?
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    Right nub issues

    Hi, I just got my "warrantied" Pandora and my right nub doesn't feel right. If I slightly tap on it, it sometimes left clicks on its own. Then I tried resetting the nub in the settings page and the movement of the nub is like a diamond instead of a circle when set as a mouse. The left works well...
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    Who to contact for email about shipping

    Hi, I received my Pandora 1 week ago and 6 days ago I sent my Pandora back to the UK. I sent the Pandora from the Philippines. I would like to know whom should I send the new shipping address to (since I couldn't ship it originally here when I ordered it, it will be shipped to the original...
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    Pandora Only Turns On Backligh

    Hi, My Pandora arrived 2 months ago and I only got it today. I was able to turn it on and see the opening the pandora box screen. The screen was mildly flickering and I was unable to finish creating a user due to the select date bug. I tried a few times until a saw the leave the battery out for...
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    Problems With Reordering With Google Checkout

    I got screwed over by Google Checkout. The billing address was a few letters short because the text boxes had a very small character limit and my account has been suspended. Hopefully it gets verified soon and that Jacky will at least allow me to reorder through credit card because I'm not...