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  1. Zelest

    Macromedia Shockwave

    I'm in a bit of a pickle and wanted to see if anyone knows how to straighten it out (or whatever you do with pickles). I found an old game CD with a bunch of old Macromedia Shockwave games. When trying to start the games up, I get the error message "Couldn't find Shockwave 8.5, click yes to go...
  2. Zelest

    Port Request: C-Dogs (CyberDogs 2)

    Here is a port request for a good old game known as C-Dogs nowadays, used to be called CyberDogs. It's a 2/3 top-down shooter. The deep and involved story is that you need to go to an enemy base, kill everything that moves and pick up items they presumably stole. A game that takes me back to my...
  3. Zelest

    Desert Bus!

    I hope you all remember to watch Desert Bus For Hope this year =) It's basically a group of geeks who play the world's most boring Sega CD game for as long as you donate money to charity. Currently they'll be playing for 109 hours. But, the more you donate, the longer they're forced to play...
  4. Zelest

    Linux noobs and Ubuntu problems.

    Might not be the best forum for this, but I know so few places where I can get linux help so I thought I'd try with this first. So, I decided to take the big step outside my protected world of closed source. From Windows to Linux. Yay me! My candidate was my EeePC 1015PN. I installed Ubuntu...
  5. Zelest

    2D Engine

    I've spent a whole lot of time lately to produce a design document for a game I want to make. Now that I'm almost done with the document, I can't really hold of making the game for much longer. What I'm making is basically a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night-clone, with early Prince of Persia...
  6. Zelest

    Suggestions for MP3 player

    So, my iPod decided to die on me after three years of almost 'round the clock service. So, I kind of want a new one. Rather than giving any more cash to Steve Jobs who is forcing me to install iTunes, I want another player. However, I'm picky, so I have some criteria I want filled: Space: At...