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  1. elw3


    Update: gamplay vid; current version Greetings mortals. So i have started making my own Wario ware clone yesterday. I have slapped together a framework and added some example games already. I call this monstrous abomination Panik (working title) (similarities to other games do totally not exist...
  2. elw3


    Behold! A new glorious Snake clone is out: Small Crouching Snake That Eats Little Animals For No Reason I mixed the glorious Ascii Man with Mrs Snake to create a stunning 2D ascii art graphics Snake reincarnation, fine tuned with elements of Portal, a spelling bee simulator and missions of...
  3. elw3

    Repo upload fails

    I just tried uploading a silly game to the pandora repo, while the data itself is transmitted the site then just stucks and shows nothing. Can someone confirm this to be a general problem or just mine? Whos in charge?
  4. elw3

    Lets start making the helper gadgets

    Since the pyra is pretty hard to configure at the moment we should start making a list of all the stuff that is missing from the settings menu of the default os. Ideally we should find an Idiot brave Soul who volunteers in either porting or making it. What we had on the pandora: -Nub settings...
  5. elw3

    Release Die rosa Robbe im Mettallland

    So i got this idea: Some kind of flappy bird/robot metal unicorn crossbreed. The tracks are hand edited and are supposed to match the music. Its hard, unforgiving and the obstacle is my middle finger. Soo much win. This...
  6. elw3

    Derisiveness detection system

    Hello everyone, good news: After years of intensive research i found a technical way to measure the density level of derisiveness in the surrounding using common computer parts. And i have packet this way into a program that can run on a pandora. Here is the PND. This nice little tool will...
  7. elw3

    Müllpanzer Gemacht aus einer alten Tastatur, einem RC panzer und 3 relais. Gesteuert über python. Und der Müll fährt auch noch :rotfl:
  8. elw3

    Oh look, a lame tank. Made out of an old RC tank, an old Keyboard, 3 relays and some tape.  Controlled by 30 Lines of python.  Damnit how do i embed?
  9. elw3

    Absurd collections, garbage and other stuff you hoard.

    Okey we already had threads about Handheld/console/game collections but what else does an average pandora owner hoard behind his bed, collect or inherit?  I am currently cleaning up a bit so i find a lot of accumulated garbage that lets me shake my head right now.  Ill start with a bag of...
  10. elw3

    Usb network/folder sharing

    How to mount the pandora over usb and share network with it. Tested on Ubuntu 14.04. 1. On the pandora, edit the file /etc/network/interfaces. You need to uncomment or add the usb section: auto usb0 iface usb0 inet static         address         netmask Load the...
  11. elw3

    Mixing Desktops

    Thihi just to share a pic with you: E16 and xfce running at the same time looks weird, plus it has transparent windows \o/ E16 is weird, it has workspaces stacked upon an array of workspaces and you can slide though them like real paper....
  12. elw3

    Kisten von alten Spielen

    Hey Jungs ich hab heute bei einem Händler etliche Kisten neuer verpackter Altspiele gefunden. Ich hab nicht alles durchgekuckt aber das was offen da lag waren hauptsächlich c64 Dattenkasseten. Unten las ich aber was mit sega... Besteht hier interesse daran das ich mich da mal durchwühle, eine...
  13. elw3

    Release Ascii Man

    A Jump n slash around in a Terminal all presented in bloody realistic Ascii Art: I did this quite a while ago as my first C learning project.  Impressive how many lines a 10 Minutes game needs.  Screenshot: 0000000         ...
  14. elw3

    Nintendos bluetooth keyboard

    So yesterday i decided to buy this: the Pokemon keyboard adventure. Not for the game of course but for the included bluetooth keyboard: The idea of a Nintendo branded keyboard for cheap money, thats 19€ btw not 1999€, was just too tempting. If you order it online you can get it even much...
  15. elw3

    Von Nubs, Harlekins und Lichtstrahlen

    Gestern auf dem Porzelanthron musste ich gleich nach dem niedersetzen entsetzt feststellen das mein rechter Nub kein links mehr kannte. Nachdem sich auch mein Dpad, wir errinern uns an andere Fäden, wieder gelöst hatte gab es nun keine Möglichkeit mehr irgend ein Spiel zu spielen. Das war ein...
  16. elw3

    Und plop war mein Dpad wech.

    Vor ner Ganzen Weile schon hatte sich mein Dpad gelöst soweit das es abfiel, Achselzucken und wieder ankleben war da meine Devise. Leider erweist sich der Kleber als nicht lange haltend auf dem Gummimateral und ich müsste das jede Woche neu ankleben. Darum Frag ich mal ob hier einer nen...
  17. elw3


    To get ride of the ugly phallic looking 3g dongle sticking out of the back i decided to resolder the usb connector of the modem. Looks quite good now, a bit like i backpack and it is way more stable. 
  18. elw3

    Wer trollt [spamt] den da?

    Falls es einige noch nicht gemerkt haben: hier trollt grad einer richtig. gräbt alte Threads aus, kopiert geschrieben Texte und macht damit sogar einen auf den ersten Blick seriösen Eindruck. Mich wundert bei sowas immer: Warum? Haben die nichts besseres zu tun? Ist deren Leben so langweilig?
  19. elw3

    Bodhi Pandora

    okey guys, today i am proud to show you my first try of "how to make and distribute something". get the instructions here: seeing that i am a staff member this is a 90% official bodhi image that behaves identical to our desktop...
  20. elw3

    Bodhi Pandora

    sup ich hab jetzt auch mal mein image hochgeladen und würd mich über tester freuen bevor ich das "ofiziell" ins bodhi forum klatsche. es handelt sich um ein debian 7 armhf system mit e17 oberfläche (gab eigentlich schon e17 images für die pandora?) relativ ungetestet bisher aber das meiste...