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  1. elw3

    Customation, and its dangers for the Update System

    Anything in your user directory should not interfere with updates. System changes may be reverted on update. @caps lock led: I am having my cpu usage on it, really useful if some background task goes nuts. Its not a command anymore btw, modern linux exposes device control file for leds so you...
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    Writing a Pandora/Pyra article for Pixel Addict magazine- I have some questions.

    But it IS part of the history. Same as the nubs video, hey does someone still have that? The account got set private after you know...
  3. elw3

    This site no longer opens on the first attempt.

    Jep, funny bug
  4. elw3

    Boring to use Linux, When BSD is up on Pyra and Pandora?

    Risc OS for the future!
  5. elw3

    Parlez vouz francaise? Or how to use our Linux Device for Learning Languages

    I was wondering who in their right mind would want to speak french out of his own free will. But the answer is you. Not shocking. I had one year of it in school and i cant even explain my hatred for it. Aaanyway. I am trying to learn some languages using duolingo, not sure what other pages or...
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    Selling Pyra 4GB Dark Chrome within Germany

    Since when is posting a link considered spamming? We do a lot of trades here actually.
  7. elw3

    Selling Pyra 4GB Dark Chrome within Germany

    1. Ebay is a bad choice for selling. 2. Since you use it anyway, you should have added the link.
  8. elw3

    Possible Damage, Please Advise

    Happens quite often actually, happened twice for me on two keymats. I am still looking for a glue that actually works for it, who has suggestions?
  9. elw3

    The new big Batterie Live Thread

    You know i have a little tool for that task randomly packed into that great volume wheel reader, here
  10. elw3

    Awful game ideas.

    Are you Confuzzled?
  11. elw3

    Awful game ideas.

    This is in no way awful. Id love to fly an doubledecker.
  12. elw3

    Awful game ideas.

    If i ever come around and actually finish that wario ware mockup ill add these nonsense ideas as bosses. We are talking about computer games, not traditional forest ppl games.
  13. elw3

    Awful game ideas.

    Hold right there, i gotta try this: Follow the red street to the goal, commands are "drive, revert, right, left" and a few more. Yep its awful. wasted time. (Oh yea you need to open this with löve)
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    Awful game ideas.

    WTF am i reading?
  16. elw3

    Der Große Laber Thread, Laber Laber, Off Topic ohne Ende...

    Oy @matzesu , Ich hab mich nochmal damit beschäftigt und bin iwie an einen geraten der interese daran hat meinem Garten zu mieten und seine Bienen da abzustellen. Er bietet 5€ pro Volk und jahr. Ist das so ein normaler Preis? Lohnt sich die Arbeit eine Ecke freizumachen überhaupt für mich ?
  17. elw3

    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    This k1 vs k2 matter isnt exactly clear yet. If one follows a few links you end up with a lot of studies contradicting each other. The official health department policy is to not differentiate between the two and assume that booth forms act more or less the same. To confuse stuff there are sub...
  18. elw3

    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    Thats over 400.000IE, you where reading the wrong number somewhere, Thats the Dose for an entire year. :D 1mg is 40.000IE. My doctor set me on 20.000IE daily a while back, apparently the lack oft it made me batshit crazy. Now i am on around 1000 per day to just hold the levels, i need to check...
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    Update above. Aiming for the true wario ware feel of high speed with different level packs. So much for now. I dont think i will continue anytime soon. I had two deaths in the family recently and now there is a bunch of stuff to do away from the keyboard.