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  1. trooper

    Long And Boring Personal Post,

    Hi Everyone, This maybe a long and boring post to most people, You have been warned. Some of you may know me or know of me, As i have been part of this community for a fair chunk of my life, Over the last seven years. I can honestly say that i have enjoyed it immensely, Even though i have been...
  2. trooper

    Lyngoo First Beta By Spiller ( From

    Spiller (over at has released the first beta of his Atari Lynx emulator, Which i have uploaded to the openhandheld file archive. Place LynGOO.SIM together with lynxboot.img and create a "lynx" folder (For your unzipped lynx roms) in your GAME folder and have fun with some LNX...
  3. trooper

    Colecoo Version 3.0 Released

    alekmaul has released a new version of ColeCOO, His Colecovision emulator for the Dingoo. Hi all, here is the new version of ColeCOO, my native dingoo OS Colecovision emulator. Put ColeCOO.SIM in your GAME directory. Put your .COL games where you want. Use "Interesting game" from Dingoo menu...
  4. trooper

    Upce - Pcengine Emulator For Dingux

    Uguru over at has released a preview of his very promising looking PcEngine emulator for Dingux. Here is a copy of the readme text. ------ uPCE ------- ------------------------- Intro ------------------------- uPCE is an PcEngine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator. The TurboGrafx-16 has...
  5. trooper

    Gp2Xpectrum Wiz 1.8

    SplinterGU has released a new version of his Spectrum emulator for the Wiz. GP2xpectrum Wiz 1.8 What's New? * Confirmation before compressing * Option to delete roms and directories (with confirmation) * You can browse any directory depth (always within roms /) * Up to 16,384 entries per...
  6. trooper

    Lemonboy2X 0.5B2 Released

    juanvvc Lemonboy2x 0.5b2 Well a new version of Lemonboy for GP2X with all the improvements and some more of Pickle. Developments with respect to 0.4 for GP2X: - New graphics modes: Notaz scaling in gpSP, Scale2x, Scale53x. - Fixed a bug in the function of changing palettes and menu watch...
  7. trooper

    Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 6 Released

    Headoverheels has released a new version of FBA2x. His post below was translated very kindly by Manjuu, Thank you. Greetings to all I uploaded a new version of FBA2X (for those who do not know what this is, With this release, the changes are very numerous, since I...
  8. trooper

    Latest Pandora Information And FAQ

    For the latest updated information about the new Pandora handheld machine, Please visit the following wiki pages: Trooper
  9. trooper

    Couple Of Interesting New Handhelds Found

    Just browsed a site someone posted a link of in another thread regarding a different subject, Whilst there i found these two interesting gadgets and had to share them.
  10. trooper

    Are You Happy With Your Gp2x Purchase ?,

    I`m generally happy with my purchase of the GP2x and am happy to be a early adopter. The GP2x has (or will have) a hard time improving on the track record the GP32 has set (Hardware and software wise), But that will happen, It just takes time. So yes, Imo, This was money well spent. :) Trooper
  11. trooper

    First Korean Rpg "astonishia Story" To Psp

    Read it here Not for the console we originally wanted, But looks like we`ll be getting it anyway. Trooper
  12. trooper

    Mario Total Conversion Wad,

    What ever happened to the Mario/Sonic total conversion that was posted in the news and on the front of the site ?. This one. Has anyone got any info about it, Has it been canceled ?. Is it on hold ?, Is it still being worked on ?. Will we ever see it released ?. Can anyone put me out on my...
  13. trooper

    Marmite (vegimite Included),

  14. trooper

    Front Page Of Gp32x

    Is it me or is it the same for everyone else. The main page of the site loads about halfway then times out. Tried it in Opera, Firefox and ie (spit) with the same results. Sorry if this is not worthy of a topic, But just curious of what is causing it. Trooper
  15. trooper

    The What Are You Currently Eating Thread

    We`ve had what are you currently listening to, Watching, Playing, Doing etc. So, To keep up the current trend, We now have the what are you currently eating thread. :rolleyes: Say what you are eating. Are you eating it for lunch, Breakfast, A snack, Dinner or Just raided the fridge etc. Are...
  16. trooper

    Bringing My Nlu Gp32 Back To Life.

    Well, This is not really a plea for help as such, But anyway, The thing is, I have had a BLU for a good few months now and still have my old non-lit unit (NLU) GP32. Just after getting my shiny new BLU, I was comparing the two units and in a silly fit of absent mindedness i accidently plugged my...
  17. trooper

    Microsoft Busted - Used Pirated Software

    Found this while i was browsing, Quite hysterical really. :lol: Trooper
  18. trooper


    Ok, This is a very trivial subject, But i have noticed that there are great (understatement) number of boards using Invision Power Board software. The thing is, Alot of them have a great selection of smiley icons. See here towards the bottom of the page (steve-O`s post). Granted, Hando made a...
  19. trooper

    Amiga Emulator

    This is old news, As you can see from the date of the post in the link and a lot of you may already know about this. But if you read the post/news, It says that they are doing two versions of winfellow. The original (assembler version) and...
  20. trooper

    Blu Battery Usage

    Ok, Seeing as no one is forth coming with regards to the life of a set of batteries in a GP32 BLU. I did two simple tests, One with one type of battery (Ly-Polymer) and one with a set of standard Ni-mh batteries. The setup for both tests is as follows: 1 GP32 BLU 1 SMC Fgens (Public beta)...