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  1. T.T.

    Farewell (For now)

    Well, first off, I'd like to say I've quite enjoyed being a part of this forum, I learned a lot being a lurker, and a lot being a moderator (even though I didn't do much as a moderator) As some of you may have guessed from my signature, I am a member of the LDS church, and I have decided to go...
  2. T.T.

    Looking for an article on audio

    I've been looking for this article for a while, and have yet to find it. I vaguely remember it being somewhere on these boards, but for the life of me, I can't find it. I remember it being a couple pages long, the website had a light blue background, and the person who wrote it went into great...
  3. T.T.

    Share your projects

    I'm somewhat surprised we don't have one of these threads yet, given all of the talented people around here. I'm creating this thread as a place for us to post our projects (finished or in progress). Also, I wanted to stop infecting the communication cube with my random, incomplete updates of...
  4. T.T.

    Time to put noise generators on our computers.

    According to this article, 4096-bit RSA is crackable by listening to the sound of the voltage regulator. I haven't read the research paper yet, but it does make sense. A switching regulator would change frequency to compensate for voltage drop.
  5. T.T.

    What Desktop Environment Do You Use?

    I'm curious about what other users use, so feel free to post your environment here, and if you have a certain setup you really like, go ahead and give us a screenshot. I'll start. I'm currently using openbox
  6. T.T.

    Original Preorders.

    Just so that I know whats going on, on average, how many Original Preorders are being fulfilled each month? Also, about how many original preorders total do you suppose are left?
  7. T.T.

    Moderator area visible? (Never Mind)

    Is the area called "Moderator Area (internal)" supposed to be visible to normal users?
  8. T.T.

    Linux problem

    I know that there are a lot of knowledgeable linux users on this forum, and I thought that you may know the answer. when ever I try to shutdown, my system says * Killing all remaining processes... [fail] * will now switch to single-user mode give root password for maintenance (or...
  9. T.T.

    What does the new case look like?

    curiosity is getting the better of me
  10. T.T.

    what does Jumper 3 do?

    I was looking at the pandora hacker manual, and noticed on the top side of the board, near the bottom left, there is a jumper labelled JP3. what function does this jumper have?
  11. T.T.

    Pandora Backgrounds

    Ok, in preparation for my pandora, I've taken all of my desktop backgrounds and scaled/cropped them down to 800x480. I'll post them here just in case anyone would like to use them on their pandora. edit: If anyone wants the source files to any of these, just ask.
  12. T.T.

    RGB+C-sync to YPbPr

    I found this schematic for RGB to YPbPr, but I have no idea how to put in the sync signal. I do know that the sync signal is supposed to be on Y. could anyone who knows a bit more on electronics help me out?
  13. T.T.

    How Far Can We Go? this just a little animation made by my friends and I.
  14. T.T.

    Lego Gamecube

    this is what happens when I get board took me 4 hours to build and is modded with a qoob pro for the power LED I got a clear lego and pointed the LED at it
  15. T.T.

    Pandora on virtual machine?

    Is there any way to get the pandora os to work in a virtual machine? I want to see what it would be like while I wait for my pandora
  16. T.T.

    RGB out?

    Is it possible for the pandora to put out RGB? Is there a spot on the board where those signals can be found?
  17. T.T.

    Mega Man 8-bit death match

    It runs on the same game engine as Doom, so I see no reason why not.
  18. T.T.

    Image mounting software on Pandora

    Has sombody made a prgram that can mount ISO's and other cd images for the pandora? Maybe something similar to Daemon tools.
  19. T.T.

    TV out plug?

    Just a quick question, what is the name of the plug that the TV out cable uses?
  20. T.T.

    Desktop cube on Pandora?

    Just wondering, can the Pandora support the desktop cube like ubuntu's?