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  1. TSBroich

    Opening the Pandora Lid - VICTORY

    I've replaced several Pandora cases years ago, but I was always too chicken to actually open the lid the proper way, in fear of cracking the LCD, so I've always just cut the plastic away in the corners of the lid to get it open. This ruined the old case, but worked for my purposes of recasing it...
  2. TSBroich

    WTB Pandora LCD Cable

    Hi! I'm looking to get a Pandora LCD cable with speakers soldered on. I bought a Rebirth Pandora on eBay that had a broken LCD cable, so need to replace that. I'd like to pay $30 USD plus shipping to the United States. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. TSBroich

    Silver Pandora Cases, Restock Anytime Soon?

    Hi all, It's been so many years since I've been on the forums, so hello once again! I've got a First Batch OpenPandora in the original black housing being sent to me, and I'd love to get one of the brand new silver cases/housings (and the inside case if possible) ordered, but I don't see it on...
  4. TSBroich

    Replaced my silver case on the Pandora. Does this look normal?

    So I replaced the silver case, and my Pandora looks brand new again! What I'm seeing here might be a normal common thing, but I'm not 100% sure. On the left side, the lid won't go down all of the way. When you look at the unit dead-on, I see that the body is slightly "crooked" on the left side...
  5. TSBroich

    Possible to remove hinge from Pandora without complete disassembly?

    Hi! So I have a Rebirth Pandora arriving today, and I plan on replacing the silver casing to make the unit like new again. I do have a question though. Since the top part of the casing surrounding the LCD is a pain to replace, I'd like to avoid taking this apart if possible. If it's possible...
  6. TSBroich


    Nothing for now.
  7. TSBroich

    Want to buy mint condition GCW-Zero

    Hi! I'm really getting into these emulation handhelds since getting my hands on the Pandora. If anybody has a GCW-Zero in mint condition with no cosmetic flaws and fully working, I'd love to buy it. Would prefer it to be complete in box, but if not, that's fine too. I do want the power cord...
  8. TSBroich

    Anybody have a brand new Pandora casing/housing for sale?

    Hi! I received a 1GHz Pandora from an eBay buy, and the casing/housing has a little bit more scratching than I hoped. I love the unit itself, so I'm opting to replace the housing myself to make a brand new looking unit. I wanted to get one of these, but they are sold out...
  9. TSBroich

    [PURCHASED] I want to buy a Gp2x Wiz (WTB)

    Hello. I am looking for a GP2x Wiz to buy. It must be in near mint with no scratches, dents or scuffs. Do you have one including the unit, box and cable? Send me a PM with pictures, and your asking price. I can pay via PayPal. I live in the United States.
  10. TSBroich

    Mupen64: Older Version Please?

    Hi. I finally received my Pandora recently, and I love it. Mupen64 runs great, except for one issue: Ocarina of Time does not work in this newest version. This is already well-known I realize, but what I would like to do is obtain the version of this emulator that came right before this newest...