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    Modification Service?

    Is anyone out there really good at modifying an F100 to use a dpad instead of the stick? What would you charge, including parts, labor or any other parts you require. I can also pay for shipping for the GP2X there and back. I have to know you or know someone who knows you enough to trust you...
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    GP2X Scrapple For Gp2x? Found Source If anyone can tell me how feasible this is to port to the 2X, please let me know. The output seems to be custom made for 320x240. It all SEEMS to be there. Was also looking for a decent Monopoly clone in Linus, but alas it wasn' to be found on...
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    Auto Gordian Knot And Subtitles

    First, I've searched the forums and haven't found any answers. Alright, I'll start from the beginning. I've NEVER encoded anything with subtitles that wasn't part of the picture. This is a whole new ball of wax. I put the DVD of my favorite Anime series into the fastest DVD drive I have...
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    Supertux Kart Can anyone tell me how feasible this port would be for the GP2X? I know nothing about coding or the discrepencies between X86 and ARM assembly or anything.
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    Auto Gk Screen Size

    Posted this in the video/audo sub, but I don't know if anyone will even read it there, as it's tacked on to the end of a sticky subject, before I realized. Oh well, I made a mistake Using Auto Gordian Knot, I had a go at a DVD, and the resolution did limit itself to 320 width, but it...
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    Dental Damn!

    As a couple of people may have read in another topic which shall remain nameless, about 3 months ago, give or take 2 weeks, I went into the hospital to get all my top teeth taken out including the top two wisdom teeth. This was both painful, difficult and due to agoraphobia, VERY frightening...
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    Milles Bornes

    This is one of my favorite games, and while I looked around for source, I couldn't find any to pass onto any programmers here. Was wondering if the cards were drawn by me or another talented artist, how simple would the game be to program for the 2X, as this game is really good for small, quick...
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    Huge Kudos!

    Tonight I played an entire game of Countdown to Meltdown for the C64. I played several great games on GPFCE including the original Mario Bros, River City Ransom, 8 games of Donkey Kong Jr, and a very long game of TETRIS 2. (Level 32 before I lost, not bad on that one) I played several games...
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    Electronics And Tech Help

    I believe my Multimeter I just bought to be overestimating all the voltages I measure with it.... All batteries out of the packages read as 1.6-1.65 v, and the DC adapter I bought from Walmart on the 3V setting shows me 4.9-5.2VDC. The 9V adapter that came with my Atari 2600 Flashback 2 Retro...
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    A Public Apology

    I must start by saying I often do the wrong things, even when trying to do right. While my views on the posts I've made have not really changed, in my efforts to get my point across, I've offended many. Firstly to Cyclops for accusing you of using another's name to lend weight to your...
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    Ultima 4 Clone Source For Linux Here There is a freeware port of Ultima 4 for linux and windows and it tells you what libraries are needed and everything. I have 0 clue how to code, translate, read lines of code, nothing. I know a lot of poeple were asking about Ultima games and what-if-we and...
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    Cool Idea Forgotten?

    Long ago, we were all discussing a cradle for the GP32 and we all did some what ifs and hows and what was good or bad for ideas... I just found this on my HD again, and figured I'd share it.
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    Mp3 In Games?

    With the built-in MP3 support in the Arm cores, will games be able to play MP3's in-game or will too much of the CPU still be used too much to allow processing room for it? Alright, for example, I code or port a game (in my dreams) that's not very CPU intensive, like a puzzle or card game, or...
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    Gp2x Linux

    With all this excitement we all have over the GP32, I just realized I HAVE 0 knowledge of how linux worx, I've never even used linux of any kind. Never had cause to even use it. Was wondering if there are any sources on how to use the very basic elements of Linux, like how to get around the...
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    Gp32 Doom Compatibility

    Perusing my Doom cd's with all the wads I've managed to get over the years, I've seen a lot of good ones and a lot of very bad or incomplete ones. Now that I have it running on the GP32, some I've thought were %100 working turned out to either be not quite working or too overwhelming for the...
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    It Works!

    Used DVDx to copy out "Hot Shots: Part Deux" to AVI. The disc is Widescreen, but the black bars are part of the picture. The movie is about an hour and a half total with credits Result: Worked, but the output is split into three .AVI files. All rather large, but was expecting that. Used...
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    GP32 Gp32 Scrabble

    Need to find someone who can take all my graphics and weave their GP32 magic to make the game live. Also need to find a dictionary file, maybe something ported from a spellchecker routine or something to cross check words. Also working on a Monopoly Clone set of graphics and game board to work...
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    Movie Formats Aplenty

    I think it would be super nice if I could play MPG or WMV or standard AVI files. Maybe the Quicktime format perhaps... None of the DivX movies I make work on my blu+ and dont know anything about XviD. Just a run-of-the-mill player for more common types might be nice
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    The Most Famous Ownage While the iron is damn hot, this guy is so busted. I've been reading for a while. Should be in the LOL section maybe, but it's getting famous. I don't play EQ2, I play NWN and it was in THEIR forums.
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    Was playing around with MS Paint as I often do when I'm feeling semi-creative, and was just wrapping the alphabet in copies of boxes and I whimsically thought they looked an awful lot like small Scrabble tiles. I know I can duplicate a Scrabble board almost perfectly, and at a very tiny size...