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  1. ckblackm

    Update PandaVision (jzintv) - Intellivision emulator

    I tried it with a couple different games and it seems to work fine. Thank you.
  2. ckblackm

    Update PandaVision (jzintv) - Intellivision emulator

    He's listed as the maintainer of the package, so I asked him. If he doesn't, that's ok, too. I appreciate anyone still working on and helping maintain the Pandora.
  3. ckblackm

    Update PandaVision (jzintv) - Intellivision emulator

    Was this reply really necessary?
  4. ckblackm

    Update PandaVision (jzintv) - Intellivision emulator

    Joe has updated his emulator a couple of times, would you have the time to update Pandavision? I've attached the latest source.
  5. ckblackm

    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    Given we only have about 50-ish percent for adults being vaccinated (I live in same state) and WAY less than that for kids... I'm just gunna keep wearing the mask. Too many anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers are just going to forgo everything.
  6. ckblackm

    That's kinda weird. I don't have Galaxy, because Linux... but that's still weird.
  7. ckblackm

    That's where we get all the freebie notifications. ;-)
  8. ckblackm

    Prison Architect is free on atm.
  9. ckblackm

    Release NetHack 3.6.6

    They've released 3.6.6 if you're interested in updating.
  10. ckblackm

    SEVEN: Enhanced Edition for free through Humble Bundle and redeemable via gog.
  11. ckblackm

    Just a quick heads up

    The only thing bad about the ending of 2020 is that we have to admit that 2021. I'll see myself out. :D
  12. ckblackm

    Release Diablo

    I was bored today and installed devilution on my raspberry pi 3 (installed in a pi-top)... seems to work fine.
  13. ckblackm

    GPD MicroPC

    Does anyone know how to boot from another device on the GPD microPC? (like an external CD or a flash drive?)
  14. ckblackm

  15. ckblackm

    In Linux? ;-)
  16. ckblackm

    GPD MicroPC

    I was referring to the transcend ssd upgrade, not the actually MicroPC (I got mine from the indiegogo run).
  17. ckblackm

    GPD MicroPC

    Did you get yours from Amazon or somewhere else? (Amazon seems to be out of stock atm). thanks.
  18. ckblackm

    GPD MicroPC

    Mine is working fine as well, although I'm still running the original Windows install. Has anyone found a 1TB ssd that works well?
  19. ckblackm

    GPD MicroPC

    For those who have the MicroPC... are yours still working ok? I've seen lots of comments about battery problems on Indegogo. Also, has anyone tried upgrading the ssd on this thing? Any recommendations on what kind? (taking into account heat and performance). thanks.
  20. ckblackm

    GPD MicroPC

    My micropc is significantly smaller than my netbook.... the micropc measures about 6"x4.5" (or 15.2cm x 11.4cm assuming my math is correct). (but I think Grench was referring to another product... wrong group, perhaps?)