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    is unsure of what the Status thing is for... Odd new feature?

    is unsure of what the Status thing is for... Odd new feature?
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    is unsure of what the Status thing is for... Odd new feature?

    is unsure of what the Status thing is for... Odd new feature?
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    Modification Service?

    Is anyone out there really good at modifying an F100 to use a dpad instead of the stick? What would you charge, including parts, labor or any other parts you require. I can also pay for shipping for the GP2X there and back. I have to know you or know someone who knows you enough to trust you...
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    I Just Got My Gp2x!!!

    While I didn't get a new GP2X, I dug out my GP2X from the box it was in when I moved and I thought of all you guys and decided to see how you're all doing! Great to see some old names and new names. I doubt I'll be buying any consoles in the near future as I'm no longer living with my...
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    Gpfce 0.3

    Roms that no longer start up, just for information.. Dr. Mario Monopoly Glitched/Unplayable. MULE Otherwise, I like the release so far, and I enjoyed the news that work is being taken up. Thank you for your work.
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    Super Mario Kart

    Also, it sounds like the screenshots are probably either taken from SNES running on a Windows emulator, OR the GP2X screenshots just show the blue properly when shown on a SVGA monitor This is just a couple possibilities.
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    GP2X Scrapple For Gp2x? Found Source

    So do you want to port either or both games for me, Blah?
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    GP2X Scrapple For Gp2x? Found Source

    Since I know nothing about code or porting or anything, would someone please port one or both of those for me? (Scrabble and/or Monopoly) I'd pay if I could, but I'm flat broke.
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    GP2X Scrapple For Gp2x? Found Source If anyone can tell me how feasible this is to port to the 2X, please let me know. The output seems to be custom made for 320x240. It all SEEMS to be there. Was also looking for a decent Monopoly clone in Linus, but alas it wasn' to be found on...
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    Does Someone Try?

    Materials you need An N64 Duct Tape 50 or so D-cell batteries Soldering iron and lots of solder Voltage filter/smoother Small portable color TV First, be sure you are using a jacket you dont mind losing, and duct tape the batteries all along the outside of the coat, making sure each is held...
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    Usb Controller?

    Also the GP2X stick is a bit tricky to use as it is. I just bought a Logitech Dual Action gamepad for like 30 bux and it's awesome. I'm hoping to use that with the cradle bob soon.
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    Payback Progress Report

    Please Craig, I only have so much drool per day to spend! Really hope it's released soon.
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    Breakout Box / Cradle Coming In Late December

    Now THIS is what I've been waiting for. Sadly it means something else to spend money on, but still, I think it's more than worth it.
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    Gpfce V0.2 Released

    I know how you feel. I'm hoping for more too, which is why I get rather hopeful when this thread is posted in again, as it gets my hopes WAY up. *laugh* Oh well, I'm sure it's only temporarily on hold, and the author plans to either continue working on it or hand off some of the code to...
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    Linux Gaming/pmp Handheld Gets More Hackable

    Drop bumper??? *scratches head*
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    Commercial Games Data Protection

    If I spend my money on software, and my friends want a copy of it, I say SURE, go ahead.... and ORDER it! I spend money on something it's mine, all mine, and I ain't gonna lose the rights to own it just cause they're greedy and stupid. I figure if you want something you don't have, ask for...
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    If I play a game or use an app often enough, I will donate a couple bux, but at the same time, donation money comes out of MST3K channel fund, and food. Food is pretty much the most important thing. So, I have to pick and choose who I donate to, and normally, it's got to be only a couple...
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    Gp2x Ordered

    Great Stuff, WarmFluffy! I'm sure you'll be making world class stuff in no time. *Nod* Enjoy! Hope you get a superb unit with zero hangups and a full 300MHz overclock ability.
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    Do You Think Gamepark/holdings Will Release A Open Source Console?

    I highly doubt they'll come out with anything dedicated to the TV or even a VGA-type monitor. However never say never as someone might come up with a wild design that kicks ass as a home console with no handheld abilities. Maybe market it as an MP3/OGG/Stereo/Movie/Gaming thing. While I...
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    Happy Birthday!

    And a very merry happy super birthday to all your birthday folk out there.