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  1. EssoAir

    IndieGoGo Page for a new UMPC that runs Windows 10

    I doubt it'll get funded, but I thought maybe we could discuss it and any other UMPCs that run Windows :)
  2. EssoAir

    I got an internship at Facebook!

    Now I will control the universe with my evil advertising and sale of personal information!! >:D Mwah hahahahaha! But in all seriousness I got an offer to be a frontend engineering intern for the summer and I'm super excited. I know a lot of you guys hate companies like Facebook, but they pay...
  3. EssoAir

    Will the Pyra support AT&T?

    (I just searched "AT&T" and nothing came up. Sorry if this has been asked before!) I have a prepaid SIM card with AT&T. It's an unlimited data-only account. It was originally designed to work with the iPad, but it works just fine in hotspots or phones. (I have a Netgear Unite Pro that I use for...
  4. EssoAir

    Here's my idea if anyone want's to take it and run

    So I'm sure some of you saw my previous post. I've done quite a bit of research and while I think it can be done, it just requires experties that I don't have. But, I know there are plenty of people here that DO have them and I think maybe someone could take this idea and run with it. So...
  5. EssoAir

    Anyone interested in working on a project with me?

    Long time no see, everybody! I've had this idea for a while and I think it could be viable. I'm thinking about doing for profit right now, but that may not be reasonable (or maybe people would think I'm greedy). Anyway, the idea involves creating a relay box for bluetooth keyboards and mice...
  6. EssoAir

    Rosetta Stone?

    Hey everyone, So Im currently an exchange student in Japan. My Japanese is improving which is great! I can have basic conversations no problem. Most of my study though, is at school. Im not allowed to bring my laptop which means I cant use Rosetta Stone. I was wondering if maybe through DOSBox...
  7. EssoAir

    NTSC-J Nintendo 64

    I picked up a Nintendo 64 today for $1. It has the console, the box, tv cable, power cable, and origional controller. Its not the best condition wise. Does anyone want it? I dont even have a use for it but for $1 I couldn't pass it up lol.
  8. EssoAir

    I'm alive and in Japan

    Not that anyone cares, but I haven't been on this forum in a long time. Well I'm back! And much to Ekianjo's chagrin im sure, I live in Japan now! (only for a yea, though) I live in Yukuhashi, Fukuoka! It's so great here and I'm having so much fun! I'm learning Japanese in school as well as on...
  9. EssoAir

    Mapping triggers as keys?

    Hey everyone, I know there is a tutorial on remapping the triggers as keys like Shift and Function but I cant find it. can someone link me to it? Thanks Esso
  10. EssoAir

    Pandora lost on the way to Link???

    I sent him my Pandora for RMA almost a month ago and I haven't heard a word from him. I've PMed him and emailed him a lot and nothing. All I knownis it says it delivered on the USPS website. But nothing from Link himself What should I do?
  11. EssoAir

    [NOT PYRA] Intel NUC for x86 Pandora

    Ok, i would like to preface this with this simply being an ideas thread. i'm in no way suggesting this should be the pyra or even that ED should have any part of it. Now, the latest Intel NUCs are really nice. Still 4x4" and yet have way better intel Haswell chips in them. My thinking is this...
  12. EssoAir

    Tegra K1 Is there a chance that the Pyra could run Project Denver? A desktop GPU with full Open GL ES 4.4 support would be amazing. Also 64 bit so more ram connections for faster readwrite :D
  13. EssoAir

    Micro USB plz?

    Ok, for the sake of compatibility, can we use Micro USB instead if Mini USB? Since this ks being manufactured fir sale in Europe, as I understand it, isnt it required to be chargeable via MicroUSB?
  14. EssoAir

    P2 Slackware as default?

    This just occured to me. Since it has so much compatability and capability, why not make Slackware the default OS on the P2? Do we really need SuperZ?
  15. EssoAir

    Where to request RMA?

    My Pandora will no longer boot and I have no idea why. I messaged Link a few weeks ago and he never replied so I figured I would ask you all where I can request RMA for my P1. Thank you Esso
  16. EssoAir

    Android Yes/No (Split from Some more of my ideas thread)

    ED, whats your thoughts on Android preinstalled? Have you considered speaking with the Cyanogenmod team? They are already working with Oppo to have their flavor of Android preinstalled on some devices. Maybe the P2 could be another Cyanogenmod device?
  17. EssoAir

    Question about Linux UI "portability"

    Ok, so I really love trying out different flavors of Linux (I will not be referring to it as GNU/Linux I'm aware of the inaccuracy of calling it Linux but please do not bring that up in this thread) but I find myself always preferring Unity UI from Canonical. It runs great on Ubuntu and I've...
  18. EssoAir

    [Poll] Note 2 Display

    Based on discussion from this thread (]) the display from the Galaxy Note 2 seems to be a good /potential/ (POTENTIAL -- may I stress the word any more?) option for the Pandora successor. This poll is not meant as a "YES THIS HAS...
  19. EssoAir

    [SOLVED]Q for E

    How old are you?
  20. EssoAir

    I like!

    Love it!