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  1. 8bitDev

    Deca core/10 core CPU

    Now i was looking at and i seen few new phones with latest android on it,but to me it seems non practical to be used in Android case scenario.2 main cores would be powered all the time but those 8(2 x 4) are left over to almost nothing to do.Now seeing...
  2. 8bitDev

    Patformer game is released

    Hi guys i just released one of my 3 games in Pat's series. Now i am still far away from making native port to Pandora/Pyra,but i made 2 really good HTML5 ports and i would like if someone could download and test those out. First one is with fix 480x800 resolution and second one is scalable (it...
  3. 8bitDev

    PSP vs Pyra

    Hi guys,i already addressed few issues on this topic but lets start from the beginning. Comparing these two system specs We can see that Pyra have far more hardware power...
  4. 8bitDev

    OS (drivers)compatibility

    Hi guys,i don't mind having dual core CPU if its properly optimized .Now take a look at PSP(Playstation Portable)with 333Mhz CPU and quality of games provided on it.Now comparing to the PSP this(Pyra provided) hardware is more powerful,but compared to GPD Win seems that most people don't get how...