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    Crap Games We Love And Cant Put Down.

    splinter cell DA
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    The Next Gp*x Revision

    mayby you should have stuck to the other topics. but screw £300-£400. what the hell, we dont have money to chuck around like that. £150 maximum, considering we then need to buy a SD card and other accesories after that.
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    Too Many Firmwares

    so since we bought go2x's at the beggining of its life, we can't have the latest firmware? so early users cant use their gp2x with more ease...
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    A Few Quick Links Please

    thanks for that :)
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    A Second Cpu?

    that does sound pretty good. but then hat would mean more battery drainage. hopefullly by then some more powerful batteries would have come out.
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    A Few Quick Links Please

    i decided to start using my gp2x again after many months of ignoring it :( . since i was a fairly active member before im hoping someone can help me out so i dont have to search through 100's of pages. :D thanks for any help any new games which people thought were good, id like to check them...
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    Wii Oh My God Its Great !!!

    i found no wii in uk
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    Hardware And Software Industries Going To Crash.

    i agree with games becoming well shorter, some games are crazy short. i mean i know this isnt a very significant difference, but im sure mario 64 was bigger than mario sunshine and ocarina of time was longer than wind waker.
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    What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?

    anything is good, even techno R&B but thats if ur pissed and ata nigght club. and if you like heavy metal like me, its unevitable you like some rap
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    Slipzone Didn't Die

    i havnt had any problems using both. this definatly must be a problem caused by which area you live in if u ask me
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    I Have Been Away A Long Time

    isnt ur 10 days over yet?
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    Just Saying Hello.

    freshman!! lol lol, joke, good to hear you want to help the comunity in some way, and welcome aboard
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    I Have Been Away A Long Time

    payback is finally out!! i might start using my gp2x again, i stopped using it once the joystiq turned to crap after so much use... one thing i also saw advancing was the gba emulator.
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    Slipzone Didn't Die

    we need more people to join make the word go round people...
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    Slipzone Didn't Die

    does no one think that there should be a link on this forum to the new sllipzone? mayby newb's who havnt heard of the slipzone will join us, become one of us...
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    Rico, i think you should be awarded something. great stuff
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    The Chat Thread Back?

    that was a bit harsh giving dcgm a warning for answering lol to a post kkcf rico, is there no way of creating a new forum which would not be on the gp32x site, but lets say there was a link to go to that forum on this forum? and mayby give it one rule, such as being rude to other people and...
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    the place is sooo un-animated now wheres shikakus comments? NOOO, shikaku is dead :blink: :angry: and pictures, thyre all gone
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    or just not come back... ths slipzone will be missed. one minute of silence
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    Special Mods For Slipzone...

    good call i find to many people i think were getting harmed in the slipzone i think. i hope the off topic still remains a bit more leniant though :D