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    Kiwi Kraze / The New Zealand Story

    ah I see, I thought you were just showing screens from the systems not the gp32 emulated ones, good review
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    Kiwi Kraze / The New Zealand Story

    I love this game, I used to play it in the arcades way back when you should have included a screen shot of the amiga version, which was much like the nes in terms of the graphics being very close to the arcade
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    Laptop + Ps2

    ah well, hopefully you'll get it working at some point
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    Gamer Illnesses/syndromes

    my friend suffers from fps induced motion sickness, or any game which moves around too much, which is a shame as fps games can be a great way to spent a couple of hours
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    Laptop + Ps2

    ah, good plan, plus it'll give you knowlege for a later date
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    To The Sudoku Pros!

    I'm up for a bit of that
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    Laptop + Ps2

    I don't think usb peripherals need drivers on the ps2, though I may be wrong, something to do with the nature of the usb technology I suppose I bought a logictech headset usb, that is made for ps2, it also works with xp without needing drivers, even though the company says otherwise
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    Cyberpunk Anime

    if you've read the original books from which it was made from, the film ending is about a third of the way through the books, so it doesn't make a lot of sense, it's still one of my favorites castle in the sky is worth a watch, though not cyber punk obviously
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    Laptop + Ps2

    I ended up buying a standard 4 port router for the purposes of online play I have heard that you can use a usb wireless adapter with your playstation to acheive wireless connections, for online play which should connect to your router directly, thus avoiding the faff of ics, which worked very...
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    Anyone Fitted A Wrist Strap?

    that's true but how many people would read a book valued at £100 in the bath I understand why you might want to but if it did fall in the bath, most likely goodbye gamepark each to their own I guess
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    Anyone Fitted A Wrist Strap?

    I'm stuck for a reason as to why you'd play with your gp32 in the bath I'd be worried that steam would damage it
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    Australia Bans Gta

    was it banned? silly australian film board, its fantasy after all
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    How Did You Found Out About The Gp32?

    yeah this is the place I discovered it and I'm glad I did
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    Faulty Gameboy Sp Help

    the answers on this thread are one of the reasons I tend to view posts as opposed to replying to them we seem to accuse other places of being closed to outsiders and we do the self same thing not everyone is an old hand at using the internet as others, we all had to start somewhere if we have...
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    That F1 Race...

    I saw some of that, if I'd saved for two months I'd be pissed, though he possibly didn't know who was actually to blame, a total farce all round the beer cans were a bit screwed mind
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    Fenix Game: Petals Around The Rose

    well, that makes me and my kids, a bunch of dums dums it's simple once you work it out, I did enjoy reading about the professor that took a year to figure it out, even bill gates took a loooong while to figure it
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    Mobile Phone Forums

    I've started to think that of this forum I'd do a search for some forums Steve, it all depends on what you are wanting, nfree? used to be good for firmware modification
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    Ah Catsmanga Daioh?

    I love the simplicity of the game, that and falldown
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    Gp32 British Meetup Mk Ii

    huzzah, I should be able to make this one
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    Who Thinks This Is Fuckin Cool.

    it could well be true, I did hear he used to give guitar lessons to other kids and each to our own tastes, I like them and think Ginger is a really under apprecated songwriter